Birthdays and Bed Rest


Yesterday I got rid of an over-sized mug I received years ago for my birthday. It says “Happy Birthday to a Wonderful Person” across the front. I think the mug was filled with candy or tea. I definitely consumed that. I didn’t take a picture of this item in case the giver is reading my blog. I appreciated the giver for remembering me on my birthday. I just wasn’t a fan of the mug. I saved this mug for years thinking I may refill it with goodies and re-gift it. I never did. When I decided to donate it was when I realized, I would never re-gift it.

Today is a tough one. I literally was walking through the house trying to find something to get rid of. I walked into my stuffed closet. I knew I would uncover an item in there. On the top shelf, I saw it. My cassette tapes of the Bible. I know, I just did a cassette tape blog. However, that isn’t the important part. A friend bought me those tapes while I was pregnant with my first child, my daughter Grace. I had been put on bed-rest (really couch rest cause I could sit up, just not get up). I was down for the last two months of my pregnancy. I quickly faced boredom Only being able to read and watch TV. A dear friend came by with the Bible on tape. I listened to it every day. I found peace and rest at the sound of God’s Word being read. I listened to them frequently while I nursed Grace too. They were very helpful during that last part of pregnancy and first year of Grace’s life. I am grateful for my revelation the other day – getting rid of my Christian books and music isn’t sacrilegious, it gives another person an opportunity to be blessed by it. So, as soon as the cassette Bible caught my eye, I knew it was time. Not many of us have cassette players anymore but I trust someone does and when they find these tapes for $2 at a thrift store, they will be blessed!

Dream Big!

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