Inhaler and Exhale


Yesterday I threw out two old inhalers from when I was sick for too long a few years ago. Yep, still had the inhalers. Surprisingly they just expired this month. I wouldn’t reuse them at this point anyway. I tip my hat to anyone who has any illness that requires regular use of inhalers. Tough way to live. I am grateful mine was for a season only.

Today I got rid of the bag you see in the picture. How ugly is that? Super functional but extremely outdated. It has several zipper pockets, an attached coin purse and it’s deep. I didn’t even know I had the thing until I went digging for stuff to get rid of. That brings me to my exhale part.

I am taking my first load of stuff (14 days worth of items) to the donation truck tomorrow. I must admit minor anxiety over the trek. The Bible on tape was screaming “keep me.” I want to. The platter said, “my chip is tiny. You can still use me.” I don’t want to. I pulled each of these items out to be done with. 14 items will leave my home. (Actually a few more than that ’cause my kids outgrew a few clothing items.) I can exhale them right out the door. A cleansing release will escape my lungs when the bags are dropped off. Exhale.

Dream Big!

2 thoughts on “Inhaler and Exhale

  1. Chris(tine)

    It is funny how we think we need reminders of people, events, and times in our lives, but really, we are the reminder, who we are, is the culmination of every moment and every interaction in our lives. This thought has given me the freedom to de-clutter, and to love myself more.

  2. Gina

    You can do it Debbie! I’m going through things at our place and have 2 bags in the car. Most of the items I’m okay with but a few of the toys I’m feeling a bit attached too. It does feel good at the end when extra items are cleared out. Have a good day 🙂

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