The Message


Yesterday I decided to get rid of an old bluish purple fleece pullover. I didn’t even know it was still in there. The cool thing is I found a pair of jeans with it. They fit too. Awesome. I love fleece but have several new ones. This particular one has been washed one too many times and it’s pilly. It’s in the donate pile.

Today I found another tote to toss. (It may be a theme for a bit.) This tote was a free gift from NavPress, the company who publishes “The Message.” I was at the Christian book publishers convention that year pitching my book ideas and trying to meet editors. I got a lot of free books, met amazing authors, learned a ton about Christian publishing and enjoyed being a part of that world for a day. This tote reminded me of my passion for writing and my love of the publishing world. I am currently educating myself on Christian publishing in 2014. It’s a whole new world. I look forward to a future visit to a convention. I will enjoy the free totes, meeting authors and I plan to be one of the authors myself.

Dream Big!

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