Plastic protection


Yesterday and today are the same. It’s the same type of item but different brands. I had two cheap plastic chair covers I bought year ago and four higher quality chair covers from Bed Bath and Beyond. (Gotta love those 20% off coupons.) Background first then an explanation of my doubling up.

When we bought our dining room table many years ago, we chose white fabric on our chairs. I believe we only had one kid at the time and we bought the stain guard guarantee. The plan said to call if we got a stain and they’d come to our home and clean it at no additional cost. Great intentions but bad follow through on our part. I believe I called one time and they coached me over the phone how to get the stain out. Honestly, the chairs have held up pretty well with three kids and their friends in our home. We eat dinner every night in the dining room too. When the kids were little, I used the plastic covers daily. Eventually, I made a fabric seat cover that just lays over the chair. It’s washable, more fashionable, and still in use today. I haven’t used the plastic protectors in many years. However, they were cluttering up some prime real estate in my family room cupboards. We are done with them and off they go.

One thing I want to share about this journey of getting rid of an item today, I am not going to be legalistic about it. If I miss a day, so be it. If I get rid of the same type of item for a few days, that’s OK too. I’m not planning to count a pair of socks as two days worth (a sock a day). I feel called to do this journey this year. I don’t feel called to be a stress case or perfectionist about it. Yesterday I got rid of my cheap plastic chair covers and today I got rid of my nice ones. It counts. Even if you disagree, I feel fine about my decision. Decluttering is about removing stress. Some days I will feel anxious about my decision to let go of a long cherished item. That type of stress is going to be normal. However, beating myself up if I can’t find an item one day, isn’t going to be in this journey. So if you are joining me in this, don’t quit because of a bad day or week. Press on. It’s only January. This is a long committment I have made. I am not like a gym which empties out in February because everyone already gave up on their resolution to get in shape. You can count on me to go the distance. I hope you stay with me. I am sure some entries are going to be wacky. Others will be tough. And some will just be boring. It’s 18 days in, I’m still finding my groove.

Dream Big!

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