What do reindeer ears, a popsicle maker and sunglasses have in common? NOTHING. Just my random three items from Saturday, Sunday and Monday get rid of items. The popsicle maker I pulled down on the weekend to make popsicles out of a huge jug of Hawaiian punch we have. I was smart enough to try the device in both freezers before filling it. It was too tall for either one. Not sure where I got it but obviously I never used it since it doesn’t fit. It should have been gone a long time ago. No popsicles and still a ton of Hawaiian punch.

The reindeer ears are broken. I planned to fix them for next year. Why? No clue. We have two others. I walked by them on the table every day for several weeks. I even hesitated on Sunday when I decided to toss them. They are cute. I must fix them. No, I must toss them! Gone.

Today is the sunglasses. True story – I found 3 pairs of sunglasses in my drawer. One is purple and according to my daughter, still cute. The second pair had darling bling on the side. My daughter took those. The third pair got nixed because I was told I look old in them. I replied, “they look 60s hippy style.” Her reply, “You look like an old hippy.” Gone gone gone. So there is my randomness for today.

Dream Big!

2 thoughts on “Random

  1. Chris(tine)

    I would have kept the old hippy style sunglasses myself, but that’s just me! (Just Kidding!) I found a pair of sunglasses pushed way back on a window ledge I was cleaning last weekend that I actually have no idea where they came from…they are going away!

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