Yesterday I got rid of a box. Yes – a box. I bought a pair of boots on November 22, 2013. Super cute boots by the way – tall, black boots with a side zipper. I wear them a lot. I saved the box because I thought it would be a good storage box for something. An oversized boot box is a rarity. It has been sitting at the foot of my bed since November. I have tripped over it. I kick it aside when I change the sheets. It is empty except for the dated receipt which confirmed how long it has been sitting there. Although it is a pathetic excuse for an item, it was not leaving my house any other way. It will be happily recycled and made into a napkin or paper straw or something. Adios boot box.

Today I got rid of my lemon scented Soft Scrub cleanser. I cleaned the sinks yesterday with it and sneezed for about 30 minutes. A few weeks ago I was low on Soft Scrub and asked my husband to pick some up when he was out running errands. After cleaning, the scent didn’t go away and neither did my sneezing. You see, I have one of the worst allergies a girl can have – anything fragrant. Flowers, perfume, scented candles, lotion, soap, fabric softers, you name it, if you can smell it, I will sneeze. My poor roommates in college had to spray their perfume outside of the house. Easter lilies are received and promptly moved outside to be trashed when the guests leave. I regift every body lotion or soap given at the holidays. Candles too. I am in torture if I sit behind a perfumed woman at church or the theater. The worst is getting a hug from a fragrant person and having to change my clothes as soon as I get home. Our laundry smells like nothing. The clothes are clean but Tide or Bounce would send me into a sneezing fit. My poor daughters who want to use their cute Hello Kitty lotion can’t. A few years ago one of my daughters took a bubble bath (I wish I could take one but I’d sneeze and itch for days) and I made her take a shower immediately to get the scent off of her. It’s terible allergy for a woman. I have had it forever. I’ve adjusted. My roommates tolerated me and my kids understand even though it’s a bummer. So be gone scented Soft Scrub. Bleach scented is the most I can take.

Dream Big!

2 thoughts on “Ah-choo

  1. Rosena

    Also, bummer about the allergies…though I don’t get sneezy I am less tolerant of strong fragrances…just seems to bother me!

  2. Rosena

    Good for you Debbie! Our family is enjoying your blog. Considering I purged a ton before our big move I’m surprised I still have stuff to get rid of. The last two days I’ve been purging old photos, especially random scenic ones that weren’t so scenic after all and with no one in it! In the trash!

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