3 Little Houses


I cheated a bit this weekend. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the three bird houses in the picture. My kids painted these about four years ago. They have been sitting in my garden window in the kitchen. I look at my cluttered garden window every morning at breakfast. My seat at the table stares right at it. Every day I think “I am going to get rid of some of those plants, empty pots and the knick knacks.” This weekend I grabbed the three houses and tossed them in the donate bag. I asked the kids first. They all said, “no biggie.” So, no biggie. They are gone and I’m a step closer to a clear view through the window. Expect a few old pots and a plant or two to appear this week on my list of things to toss. I can’t wait to see through the window again. The only problem with that, I am going to have to clean the window once it’s fully visible again. Bummer. The price of decluttering – a bottle of Windex in this case.

Dream Big!

One thought on “3 Little Houses

  1. Gina

    Good for you Debbie! The view will be great when the window is clutter free and sparkling clean πŸ™‚ I went through the boys room this past week and got rid of 2 bags of stuff. I will attempt the hallway cupboards this week.
    Gina πŸ™‚

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