Tummy and Tea


Monday I got rid of the contents of my tummy. I was sick. I still am but improving. Sorry if this is TMI. I was unable to find an item to toss since I could barely move with body aches, a vice grip headache on my temples and a terrible cough. So I figured I’d go for the disgusting and say Monday I “tossed my cookies” and be done with it.
Tuesday I had already set aside some tea to get rid of so it was easy to move them into a bag for donation since I was a bit mobile that day. A few years ago my mom gave me her iced tea maker. She never used it. I didn’t think I would until I discovered Paradise decaf iced tea. Yummy! I made several pitchers whenever we had a gathering at our home. It was gone in no time. Unfortunately, the tea is now gone at stores. They still sell the caffeinated Paradise tea but not the decaf version. No clue why. I found some online but it was a box of 50. Seriously, I don’t need 50. Then I found a pack of 6 – or so I thought – and ordered it. I misread it and got the caffeinated Passion Fruit variety. Tropical caf or decaf is good. Passion Fruit is awful. I can taste the coconut (which I detest) so it’s a no in our home. I went back to the internet and bought the 50 decaf tea bags for $80. The cool thing is that I shared my dilemma with a friend who loves it too. She took 25 and split the cost with me. Yay. I am sure our 25 will be gone in no time but I know my source now and a friend to share it with. So the 6 boxes of Passion Fruit Paradise Tea is going to the food bank (minus one pack we tried). If anyone likes it, I’ll gladly send it to you. In fact if you ever see something I’m trashing and you want it, let me know. One mans trash is another man’s treasure. No judgement here. I’m the queen of hand me downs. I’d be happy to share with others.

Still recovering from my flu/cold so I don’t know what will go in two days. Hopefully my flu/cold will be gone.

Dream Big!

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