Christmas Cookies


Yesterday I threw out the last of our Christmas cookies. Yes, I still had some left. Store bought, major preservatives, and still yummy (unfortunately). The gingerbread cookies weren’t a big hit with anyone but looked cute on a cookie plate display I had done. The leftovers sat unopened since Christmas. The almond shortbread snowman were my weakness. I had to toss them or risk eating them long after Valentine’s day. I hate to toss uneaten food. Old broccoli isn’t a big issue. However, sweets are tough to toss. I found some peeps in the cabinet the other day. Not Christmas peeps, Easter peeps. I must confess I ate one chickie before I tossed it. Hard as a rock but it’s a peep. So, expect an entry in March or April about Valentine’s treats being tossed. And in July the Easter treats will finally disappear. Oh, the things I divulge to you.

Today I got rid of a pink basket that is more like a purse. It was in our van forever. It holds our puppets. When the kids were little, someone gave us an alligator puppet and four monkeys or bears – we still aren’t sure. When the kids were fussy or fighting, I would put on a show from the front seat. Usually the alligator would trick the brown monkey bears and eat them. It would crack up the kids. Then I’d try to get them with the alligator but couldn’t reach the back of the van. Fun road trip memories. My son pulled them out today. We had time to kill in the parking lot before school started so we checked out the old puppets. The basket however, nearly disintegrated in the front seat. I tossed it. The puppets stayed and are currently tied up in a bandana that is usually a part of the show somehow too. So the puppets live on but the basket is gone. I may have to do a show on our next road trip. Memories…

Dream Big!

P.S. Thanks for those who inquired about my health. Headache is gone but the cough is still bad and so is my exhaustion. Still resting a lot. Hope to be 100% soon.

One thought on “Christmas Cookies

  1. Gina

    I just threw out a box of gingerbread and a spice type cookie. I was cleaning through my pantry area and these were buried in the back. I probable would’ve tried a peep too! So funny! Its only sugar right? Nothing in it to make you sick even though its a little hard 🙂 Glad your headache is gone and I hope your feeling 100% soon.

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