Tiny cups


Yesterday I got rid of 20 medicine cups. Whenever I got a new bottle of medicine for my kids, I saved the cup from the old bottle. I rarely threw one away. When I got sick this week, I ran out of one of my medicines and when I bought a new bottle, I kept the old cup. I had a flash in my mind of my children’s medicine cabinet and I knew what to get rid of. Every time I get out medicine for the kids, the stack would fall. Ridiculous that it took this long to realize, I don’t need twenty medicine cups. At this point, you are all cracking up or thinking, poor Debbie, that Robitussin is making her loopy. Either way, the stack is in the trash.

Today I got rid of my Christmas tin that held my mom’s amazing fudge. The fudge is eaten except a few pieces I repacked in a small container. Mom makes it every year and everyone who tries it proclaims, “the best fudge ever.” It really is. My dad said it’s all in his stirring technique. I agree. It’s the love they pour into the making of it that adds to the quality.

I realized too that returning an item to someone still gets it out of my house. I rarely keep items I borrow but who knows what I’ll discover when I dig in my closet and cupboards.

Just a side note – it’s been a month of this blog. What do you think? What do you want to hear? Should I dive deeper into my emotional reasons for holding onto stuff? Do you mind when I go off on tangents? I’d love feedback. I plan to seek more followers this month and my faithful beginning few of you can help shape this blog. I trust you. Let me know. I’ll try to deliver.

Dream Big!


4 thoughts on “Tiny cups

  1. Rosena

    Tangents and digging deeper are good! I have been going through more than a decade of photographs. It’s quite an ordeal. I hate the fact that I have doubles on so many photos (remember buy 1 get 1 free print developing?). I feel bad getting rid of some of the doubles so there they sit in a stack…

  2. Crystal Miller

    I love the tangents! Plus, I love your blog. Definitely dig deeper. It will come naturally when you are ready to “let go”. I think the gradual release of items will allow more room for what matters the most. 🙂 I am a fan!

  3. Gina

    I love it! We have a few too many little cups in our cupboard as well 🙂 Please keep your blog going. I think whatever comes to mind when your blogging is good. Sometimes we can do deeper on some issues and sometimes can be surprised what comes out once we start typing! I think your doing great and I always look forward to check for new postings 🙂

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