Not a Fan of Wrap


Thursday I got rid of my wrapping storage container. If you live in the area and want it, please email me. It’s yours. It’s in great shape. However, I am now a gift bag person. I have maybe 3 rolls of wrapping paper. The shape of this container didn’t work great with gift bags. It was tucked nicely in my laundry room but I don’t need it. It only held 3 rolls. Please contact me if you are a fan of wrap and it’s yours.

Friday I got rid of two packs of pencils for Christmas. One says “Happy Birthday Jesus” and the other was just reindeer and Santa designs. I have had the Christian pencils for a few years now. When my oldest was in first grade, we gave them out to classmates. However, I ran into a problem when the principal said we couldn’t hand them out due to their religious nature. He eventually agreed but she had to distribute them after the bell rang. I was angry. I knew my rights and he was wrong. I also knew I was going to be in this school a long time since I had three kids and one was a newborn. How grateful I was for God’s wisdom in this situation. I met with the principal to discuss the gifts. At one point the conversation got heated as I pushed a bit to clarify that I do have a right to hand these out in the future. Then God nudged me to try another tactic. I told the principal I would show him our gift ideas before we purchase them to get his “approval.” When Easter arrived and I met with him to show him my Oriental Trading catalog and the items we were considering, he was shocked. I reminded him of my promise to “clear” it with him. My relationship with the principal grew stronger from that point on. The reason I put “approval” and “clear” in quotes is this, I didn’t need his approval or clearance. I had the right to do this. However, sometimes relationship trumps being right. I’m a fighter but God’s people (those who know Him and those who don’t) are more important than winning the battle. I can’t tell you which battles to fight, especially in public school (too many battles to take on) but I can confidently say that God will direct your steps if you ask him.

Dream Big!


One thought on “Not a Fan of Wrap

  1. Gina

    Good for you! Love how your tactic worked. There are a lot of issues in school and its easy to get involved in them. Sometimes I get myself in trouble with not shutting my mouth and walking away 🙂

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