Black boots


Two days ago I got rid of old shin guards that have been in my laundry room for several months. I know it’s a kid item but it was in my possession and my space because my son was done with them. However, I kept them just in case he changed his mind. Just a few more weeks of soccer and he’s just fine with his new stuff. So, off they go to donation.

Most women strive to find the perfect “little black dress.” Not me, I strive to find the perfect “little black boot.” I love boots. I have quite a few pairs. I think I own about 4 brown boots and 5 black boots. I noticed a pair of my short black boots were cracked this year. They are a few years old. I was bummed. I didn’t want to part with them. Not because they are sentimental but more because I feel I will never find a pair that I like as much as these. I hold onto clothes that don’t fit or are out of style because I think once I let it go, I will want it again in the near future and won’t be able to find a decent replacement. Most clothing and shoes I don’t depart with are in my closet because of the “regret” factor. I know it is just clothes but I would regret letting it go. I feel a small level of anxiety as I view my black boots sitting in the donation bag. Sad but true. Even though they are cracked, old and not so nice to wear anymore, I am struggling to send them on their way. It’s amazing to me how much hold stuff has on me. I didn’t realize until this moment why I am holding on to these boots and some other clothing I have. Wow. It’s not easy to admit how much regret I feel when I get rid of a beloved outfit. It would make more sense if it were my prom dress or the outfit I wore home from the hospital after my kids were born. These are boots. Just normal boots. Probably from PayLess. Not expensive. Not high quality.

Lord – help me release the anxiety that is in my heart over this new concept of clothes regret. Remind me that you are the one who provides for all my needs and even most of my wants. Help me to let go of these items that have such unnecessary power in my life. Amen.

The boots are in the donate pile along with a pair of my favorite summer sandals with a cute green flower on top.

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One thought on “Black boots

  1. crystaldmiller

    Oh, letting go of shoes is not a strength of mine. I love shoes, use analogies for shoes (Debbie, you know what I mean! LOL!!) and never seem to have enough shoes. My mother has a story of when I was a toddler taking a nap: She heard a “thump thump” every few moments when I was supposed to be sleeping, and peeked in the room to see what I was up to. Lo and Behold, I was climbing out of the playpen to grab my mother’s shoes out of the closet and promptly put all of them in the playpen. Then, when the closet was empty, I climbed back in the playpen full of shoes and went straight to sleep! Wow, right?!
    Thank you for the shoe anxiety prayer. I think I will use it the next time I need to let go of a pair, or take a nap! 🙂

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