Valentine’s and Carbs


I haven’t written since Wednesday but I have a good excuse – my daughter was playing in the State Cup competition for soccer in San Diego and we left on Valentine’s Day. That meant preparing for Valentine’s Day – cards, gifts, parties on top of packing, getting the dog cared for, cleaning the house for our house sitter and a million other details. So there is my excuse and my playing the “poor busy me” card. It was a great weekend even though we are out of the tournament. As for the purpose of this blog, I did some cleaning out. Thursday-Monday saw the removal of:
* makeup applicators – I found them in an old travel bag when I was looking for a bottle to hold earring cleaner for my daughter’s relatively newly pierced ears. She could change them out this weekend for the first time. Lots of ouches as we did it but we are learning. The makeup applicators were literally disintegrated. Blech.

* a princess pennant from a long time ago party – I don’t remember which daughter it was for or the theme or anything. Wow – that’s depressing. I found the pennant when I was looking for Valentine decor to put in the kitchen for the holiday.

* a box of Pixar character Valentine’s and miscellaneous Valentine themed goodie bags – I had like 2 bags of each type and I will never use them. Gone.

* 20 plastic Valentine cups that were so dusty and filthy it was disgusting. I don’t know why they were in the cupboard for so long. Probably a good five years old at least.

* a ton of pasta and crackers with expiration dates as far back as 2011. I cleaned up the Valentine’s decor and put it back in the cupboard. (Be prepared for streamers and lots of other party stuff to appear soon – that cupboard was full of stuff I won’t reuse.) Anyway, the kitchen looked cleaner with the garden window emptier and the decor down. I decided to get all our chips and snacks in the cupboard. Ten minutes of rearranging and pulling down old boxes of stuff did wonders for my pantry. The pasta boxes kept falling every time I needed the item next them. Yet I saved them. The lasagna noodles (from 2011 I believe) were so I could make homemade lasagna in a skillet. I did it once or twice but never got back to doing it again. Pretty simple but just not a recipe that sounded good the past few years. So the OLD lasagna noodles finally got the heave ho.

So what deep emotion or spiritual truth did I uncover in my five days of silence? Don’t let minor things keep you busy or distracted from what is important. I felt a bit guilty not blogging until today. Honestly, I wanted to fully enjoy my children this weekend. I didn’t want to let my blog stress me out when I needed to pack or keep me from watching a silly food show on TV in the hotel room. I think the other lesson I received just today – use what you buy. What a waste to toss all that pasta, crackers and graham crackers. Can I buy more? Sure. Why didn’t I use those when I got them? I love Brenton crackers and was saving them for something special. The trashcan wasn’t the intended audience. I often don’t use certain items or wear certain clothes until just the right occasion. I often end up tossing the item or not being able to fit the outfit when the time arrives. Eat the good crackers. Wear the cute new blouse. Don’t wait. Every moment is special.

God gave me some special memories this weekend with all the girls on the soccer team and with the parents too. I am grateful the blog didn’t interrupt that. Thank you for understanding my silence. This week we may clean the party closet. Or another section of the pantry. I’ll surprise you. Hope your three day weekend was fun and relaxing.

Dream Big!


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