The red travel bag


I said in my last blog that I needed to tackle the travel bag section of my closet. I have two main bags I use. The big one is for long trips and is fully stocked. The small one is for overnights and has the basics. I cleaned out both of those bags of any excess. I then rummaged through the remaining bags to get rid of a ton of stuff that went in the trash and the items in the picture that will be donated. Notice the two purple bags. That’s a clue this wasn’t easy. (Remember purple, pigs and Barry Manilow stuff?)

I had planned to blog last night. However, I didn’t because I wasn’t ready to take on this task. I knew it meant I needed to get rid of the Red Travel Bag. I’m embarrassed to say that the bag is from high school. I used it at summer camp, winter camp, cheerleading camp, and any other trip I took from high school until about ten years ago when I bought the new large travel bag. I avoided this task ’cause it is upsetting me to get rid of that red bag. I offered it to my girls when they took their first trip. They wanted nothing to do with it. Too out of style is my guess. Plus it is yellowing a bit inside. I am sad to think of it sitting in the donation pile right now. It will take my all to not pull it out. Again, it’s linked to great memories. I know I will never use it again. Even though it saw all my activities from 14-30 something, it isn’t the memory. I know that in my head but my heart is struggling.

I knew when I wrote my last blog that this red bag was doomed. I have battled it for the past few days. I had free time and quickly passed by the closet so I didn’t have to do the inevitable. I browsed other closets and drawers for a sacrificial item to take it’s place. Nope. I knew this was the answer. I know it’s a bag and not very spiritual (even though it has gone to many church camps) but God wanted me to part with this bag. It was so clear to me. I wasn’t just fighting to keep the bag, I was fighting with God on this one. The power some of these items have over me is overwhelming. Almost 3 days of avoidance. 3 days of looking for another item to toss. 3 days of saying no to God. It isn’t about the bag, it’s about obedience. Letting this go is also making the statement “I trust in God and when I release this, He will be there and provide some new direction.” Like I said, this isn’t about the red bag. It’s a symbol of my tight grip on so many things. One by one, they will be released. Step by step, I am freer to receive what God has for me and free to use that wasted energy on better endeavors. What are you clinging to? Loosen your grip. Trust God. Step out in obedience. Goodbye red bag of my youth. Hello next step toward wholeness in Christ.

Dream Big!


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