Don’t forget the car


If you are like me, you are in the car a lot. Driving to/from school, baseball, soccer, drama class, grocery store, and so on, is where much of my day is spent. I knew the rain was coming and decided to pick up the floor of the car to prevent everything from being soaked from wet shoes. I found this huge activity book that is a few years old. Not sure the last time anyone used it. Then I saw the red knitted purse that I know was from Grandma. No one claimed it. No one wanted it. Another item left in the car far too long to be remembered. I decided to take another look to maybe get a few more items to put in my blog today but to no avail. I did however redesign our front seat a bit. I have a van with a center console that can fold down to make an aisleway. Since my eldest child can now sit in the front, I can’t throw my purse on her chair anymore. She has no desire to sit on it or hold it. The console wasn’t working to hold my purse, items for the day, etc. So down went the console and in went a bag to hold items so they won’t slide around – my purse, a Kleenex box, coupons for restaurants and then whatever item needs to be put in the car that day. I am so glad that the removal of two unimportant items – an activity book and purse – helped me to finally create organized space in my car. I truly don’t have a cluttered car but just a small step forward has led to a solution. I encourage you to take a look around your car today. Especially because your floor boards will be wet if you live near me. Anything you find needs to have a home or suffer a soggy death. I hope you discover yourself driving around with less today.

The other item I tossed for the day is my 2012 Christian Writer’s Market Guide. It is used to help an author find a publisher and understand the needs of the publisher. It’s a big book and cluttering up my office. The significance of it is that I have never stopped ordering that book even when writing was on hold. However, God has since reopened that door. 2012 was the first year I actually looked in the book. It had been about seven years of putting the book on my bookshelf and giving it away a year or two later. I don’t feel tied to the book but it served as a reminder that God can bring back our dreams when they have been put on hold. I realized the other day that my completion of my novel is important not just to me but the people who have supported me in this endeavor. They deserve to read something after praying for me and my journey. So, writing moves back to the forefront. I hope to finish it in a few months. It is doable. I am on chapter 14 of 24. Thrilling. Thanks to you readers for taking this journey with me too. I strive to entertain, inspire and be real.

Dream Big!

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