Today was awesome. I had the opportunity to speak at a church in Laguna Beach. Literally in downtown Laguna. The weather today was perfect. After speaking, I had lunch on the patio of a restaurant staring at the beach. (The picture above is my view from lunch.) I didn’t read, text or anything. I just absorbed the setting. I felt restored, rejuvenated and relaxed. Even the hour drive home didn’t return my stress. How grateful I am that the Lord allowed me this opportunity to speak, to hear feedback on how women were impacted and to spend a sunny afternoon at the ocean.


As I unpacked (I crashed at a friend’s home in Newport Beach the night before to prevent a 3 hour drive in traffic), I realized I hadn’t cleaned my makeup drawer in a long time. My talk today is titled “Heart’s Desire.” It’s about pursuing goals and dreams. I shared the story of a woman who broke down the task of cleaning her house to a drawer by drawer action list. It inspired me. So I decided to tackle my makeup drawer. Not a ton to throw. I’m not a huge makeup gal. My drawer now opens and closes easier with the extra junk gone. I feel motivated to tackle a drawer every day or so. My nightstand, my junk drawer, my utensil drawer, my dresser drawers(9 of them). It’s nice when I seek to inspire others and find myself inspired as well. God is good how He blesses us when we give of ourselves. I am happy but tired. Wonderful day!

As you know, I end my blogs with Dream Big! I sang that song today. Yes, it is a song. It is a country style song by the Martins. When I recorded it we sped it up to make it more peppy. I’m not a fan of country music anyway. Here are the words to the chorus.

Dream big, it’s the Lord’s desire for you to
Dream big, in everything you say and do
You’ll see your greatest dreams come true
‘Cause all of heaven is dreaming big for you.

Dream Big!


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