Tea and Teeth


This weekend I got rid of two tea strainer balls. They hold loose leaf tea and you put them in a teapot. I used one this morning and all the tea leaves came out because the tight seal is gone. The second tea ball didn’t even have a chain on it so you can’t get it out when you put it in the hot water. Again, why did I keep them so long? They don’t work. When I recently discovered how much I prefer loose leaf tea to tea bags, I noticed the strainers in my kitchen drawer. I haven’t used them in years. Their lack of use should have sent them to the trash sooner but “maybe I’ll use them in the future.” The future is now and they don’t work. They are gone.

Tonight I wasn’t going to blog. The time change has the whole family a bit tired, edgy and a bit grumpy. I anticipate a struggle getting the kids up for school in the morning. I have a few blemishes (a.k.a. pimples) on my face (seriously, you still get them in your forties). I drove 3 hours round trip to a soccer game this weekend (at least we won). I had two amazing speaking engagements this past week. There were several rehearsal for choir, baseball and improv this weekend for the kids. I am feeling exhausted from a good but long week.

I needed an item to get rid of for today. I was going to begin my ritual of opening cupboards, drawers and looking in containers for anything to toss. I wanted something “good” because the tea strainers were uneventful. Then it hit me. Why make this long weekend longer? Find something simple, write it up and get to bed. Sometimes you just need to K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple sister – I actually do a talk called that). So I pulled out an old mouthwash in the bathroom cupboard. It was from the dentist and very expensive. I prayed it had an expiration date and it was up. It did and it was. Job complete. It is tossed and I can go to bed.

Sometimes, just keep it simple and get some sleep. I have a tendency to overthink my life and situations. Tonight wasn’t a night that required that. You don’t need me to be profound every blog. If you do, please lower my pedestal by a notch. It is a huge feat for me to say “it’s good enough” and label it complete. I am doing that more in my life now. I learned to say it when I took a sewing class. It had to be good enough or I’d never finish a project. Tonight, it’s good enough so good night. Don’t forget to K.I.S.S.

Dream Big!


2 thoughts on “Tea and Teeth

  1. crystaldmiller

    Oh my. How I needed to hear this ‘K.I.S.S.’ message today. I was beating myself up this morning because Jaden missed school. We were out of town this weekend and didn’t get back till 10 pm last night. School just wasn’t going to happen. Thank you for reminding me to “just keep it simple and get some sleep.” 🙂

  2. Gina

    I don’t like this time change, I always prefer gaining the hour myself. Hope your morning goes well. Not sure how mine is going to go either. I like your K.I.S.S concept! I will try doing that more often 🙂

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