Baby Toys


It has been a few days since I last wrote. A three-day weekend and a great opportunity for me to teach a leadership training class, had me tied up. I’m here and have a ton of stuff I tossed. Since the 14th, I am donating an old Trader Joe grocery bag along with a ton of kid toys. I have a many more to go. When my kids grew out of toys, I saved them. My mom saved a lot of my toys from my childhood. My kids would play with them when they visited my parent’s home. Some of my childhood toys my mom sent home with me. The kids liked some of them. Some just freaked them out or they thought were boring. For me, it was fun to see these memories from childhood. I want to give my kids that opportunity to have their old toys saved. I saved way too many. I finally pulled a bunch of them out while digging through my costume box to loan something to a friend.

In the picture you see a book about a wacky goat – it wasn’t a good book but I made a funny voice and the kids loved it. The ubiquitous shape sorter needed to go. They will have those around forever. There was a radio that played kid songs like “The Wheels on the Bus.” Lastly a Fisher Price zoo complete with animals and zookeeper. Fun stuff.

I will have a ton of items in this category when I start uncovering these pockets of saved kid stuff. In the past, I couldn’t part with the toys. All three kids played for hours with the zoo. Wacky goat is a poorly written book but it always brought laughter when I read it. Again, it’s the memories that tie me to stuff. I remember the kids being small and playing. I don’t need the toy to remember that. I know that now. I truly felt little pull to keep these items. I asked the kids in case they were a favorite. They were good with it. My youngest didn’t remember them too much. That’s odd since he is the last one who played with them. I think he bypassed a lot of baby stuff because he wanted to play with this big sisters. So off go the toys. Another family can enjoy them and create new memories. I am just so grateful to be caught up on my blog and that I didn’t struggle as I thought I would getting rid of these items. It’s progress my friends.

Dream Big!

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