Argyle Sweaters


My mom sent down some of my old clothes she saved from my childhood. Some argyle sweaters that you see in the picture. A pair of jeans with a zipper on the leg so they can be skin-tight on the calf. (I’m dating myself). Also a pair of ridiculous blousy bright yellow pants with the alphabet on them. They look like clown pants. My kids cried in laughter when they saw them. Sorry no picture. I can’t document for all eternity that I wore those pants when I was a kid. So the pants, jeans, two sweaters and a trader joe bag (random but it needed to go – ripped lining) are all headed to the donation pile.

I must confess I kept a sweater for the costume box. A pair of argyle socks and a sweater vest were saved as well. I like Halloween and someday someone will want to be a preppy. I just loaned my leg warmers to a friend attending an 80s party. Yes, I still have my leg warmers. It’s all in the costume box. The costume box is one way to help me hold onto the past for a valid reason. Sorry, but it is off-limits to this blog. Maybe in November I may tackle it but for now, I am holding onto that box as the one place I can “legitimately” save something I am not ready to part with.

Dream Big!


2 thoughts on “Argyle Sweaters

  1. Cheryl

    If you show me your alphabet pants, I’ll show you a picture of myself in the kangaroo print pants I wore in high school. Double-dare you!

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