Old disgusting items


The past few days I got rid of an old shower curtain liner that was orange-brown on the bottom. Disgusting. I also tossed my old cushions that we used in our kitchen nook. I turned them over awhile ago and now there are no more sides to turn over to show a clean side. The picture is of the old cushions.

Yes, I did replace the liner and cushions with a new ones. I realized that part of me getting rid of junk is to help beautify my home. I can actually buy some nicer things and get by with less. I usually buy a lot of cheap junk to fill my home with stuff, options – junk. Now I am intentional in my buying and replacing. The new cushions are lovely and make my kitchen nook look inviting again. It even made the curtains look fresh. The shower liner is purely for sanitary reasons but I bought fresh clips to make it easier to keep the curtain shut so it can dry properly. Intentionality. I like the idea of making my home more inviting and beautiful. The less I have, the more I can enjoy it. Step by step. I am starting to enjoy tossing stuff. It’s a good feeling. Less guilt and regret these days.

Ok two more things. One – I gave away a purse the other day to a friend. I found it in my closet with the tags on. I bought it a year ago. I used it for two days. One of the days I had lunch with a friend who admired it. I did not like the purse – not the look but the functionality of it. It didn’t work for how I use a purse a.k.a. finding my keys when I need to drive. Anyway, no pictures so my friend can use the new bag (only 2 days used equals new) and not be spotted with a hand-me-down. 🙂

The last item is the ABC pants. I couldn’t mention something so humiliating and not post a picture. So, here are the ABC pants I used to wear in my youth. Cheryl – I wanna see the kangaroo print pants now.

Stop laughing.

Dream Big!


One thought on “Old disgusting items

  1. Gina

    I’m not laughing, okay a small giggle maybe. We have moved and are getting rid of a lot of stuff. It feels so good to get rid of it! Well, to honest, a few things I wish I could have kept but there was no room since we are combining 2 households. Keep up the good work 🙂

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