My break is over


I’m literally sitting at a graduation ceremony right now. Our friend and babysitter is graduating from Cal State University, Los Angeles. What is it about hearing “Pomp and Circumstance” played over and over that makes us nostalgic? I loved college. I graduated from UC Irvine. Go Anteaters! I truly enjoyed that season of life. I am sure I will take classes again at some point. I love to learn. I would love to get a theology or women’s ministry degree. Someday maybe. Yet, I digress.

‘Tis the season of completion and the start of summer. I have no idea what I tossed but here are pictures of stuff from the fridge, piles from the corner of my bedroom, shoes and empty shoe boxes from my closet, workbooks for young kids, food from the freezer that was unrecognizable and other junk. Day two of summer and I’m back on track.


I’m happy to say that a month off didn’t deter my determination to complete this resolution. Maybe we need rest from our goals once in a while. The key is to return to them. Some of these graduates are married, parents, spent time in the military and other detours from their degrees. Today they accomplished their goal. If your goal/dream is from God, your path will return to its course. In “Hinds Feet in High Places”, the main character wanders the desert for a time before returning to her climb up to the high places. God never left her and she, although wavering in faith a few times, knew He was there.

It’s summer. Time to return to your pursuits or maybe time for a hiatus from them. Whatever your direction, enjoy. Know that I’m back in gear and look forward to a summer of simplicity.

Dream Big!

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