Hello friends! Thank you for your patience this summer. It has been a month since I last blogged. During that month, my daughter got sick twice and they both lasted over a week, we enjoyed a soccer tournament, we had several trips to the library, we relaxed, we savored summer even when stuck at home recovering and we took a vacation. The picture above is the sunset in Pacific Beach where we have gone the past two summers. The beach is amazing.

I figured pictures of the stuff we tossed this month wouldn’t be as fun as a sunset picture. We weren’t idle. Being stuck inside in the summer, helps with decluttering. I decluttered my email inbox which is a huge task. We finally cleaned out school uniforms since my daugther will be a middle schooler and no uniforms required anymore. We tossed various things as the weeks passed by. Nothing huge was removed from the home. Just odds and ends. My son gave me a huge bag of stuffed animals that he decided he was done with. I didn’t even prompt him. I am seeing the benefits of my decluttering. My kids are picking up on it. My daugther even wrote that organizing her room is one of her favorite parts of summer. I may be creating monsters over here. I am grateful that they are self motivated to tidy up, get rid of, and organize. My son alphabetized his book shelf and put in alphabet labels so it would be like the library. My daughter, who got a new bed this summer, is still finding corners of her room to declutter. My middle one had been sick so much, I only required her to get rid of uniforms. She needed to play when she felt good.

My silence once again didn’t mean inactivity but too much activity or just too tired at the end of the day to blog. I think that summer is supposed to be that way. You embrace it fully. You allow schedules to slip a bit. You spend a day in your P.J.s because you can. I love order and structure but I delight in the slower pace of summer. I hope you are finding time to relax, declutter, and/or have fun. Summer is still here. We have several more weeks before school starts unlike many others. We have a lot more fun to experience.

The only deep, profound thought I can give you is that as we delight in our children or the season of summer or the gift of friendship, remember that feeling of joy. The very same feeling is what God experiences every time He thinks of you. He delights in us. I hope your summer includes time of delighting in Him.

Dream Big!