Juggling too many balls


As you can see in the opening picture, our family has too many balls. I asked our kids to go through this huge box that was full of balls. I ended up keeping the laundry hamper to now be the keeper of the balls. The kids quickly got through our huge stash of balls. The 100 degree heat in the garage motivated a fast sorting system.

I realized this literal clutter of balls is nothing compared to my figurative collection of balls I keep in the air daily. Soccer practice, school drop off and pickup, worship ministry, speaking ministry, writing, being a friend, being a daughter, being a wife, being a mother, helping music club, helping PTA, girl scouts, boy scouts, meal planning, grocery shopping, ….. My list isn’t even close to done. This juggling act women perform daily is crazy and amazing. Lately, I am ready to toss a few more of my balls into my Goodwill basket. I have cut back, said no, and even quit a few things this year. However, I still have too many balls. My decluttering of stuff is also encouraging me to declutter my activities. I need space to breath and breath in God’s goodness. I shared with a friend the other day how I am having these great moments with God but they are just moments. They don’t sustain me. I need a deep breath with God not just a quick gasp for air. It’s time I juggle a few less balls. Step by step, they will find their way into the Goodwill bin. I honor commitments but won’t add more. I will support my kids’ activities, but they aren’t adding more either. It’s a process that takes time. Time is a gift I plan to cherish more. I hope you find space in your day for a big breath of God.

Dream Big!

P.S. I also got rid of the table below. It is from my parent’s home. I am so glad it is finally gone. It went from a cluttered office to the garage. It took me a year or so but I finally got it out the door too. Huge milestone.

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