The return of joy



October has been a different type of declutter month.  When I started the “get rid of 1 item a day” on January 1, I meant it literally.  As time went on, I began to blog weekly and purge a group of items weekly.  One friend suggested I “get rid of” emotions like “I’m no longer bitter about this” or “I’m not jealous of that.”  At the time it felt like a major deviation from the goal.  Fast forward to September with school starting. The baggage of unfinished or delayed projects caught up with me.

Summer is binge on my kids time and I let everything else go to the back burner.  This makes September my catch up month.  After days of packed to do lists, I felt exhausted.  The next emotion is sadness.  I miss my kids.  Sure they are home at 3pm and I have “free time” until that time of day, but I miss them.  This year with two in middle school, I didn’t bounce back out of the “summer is over” blahs so quickly.  Which leads us to October.

I have given God my October.  I explored three new Bible study options and found the right one for me.  I scheduled lunch or coffee with few friends and preserved my time to declutter my emotional and spiritual life.  I have had two beach days where I sat in solitude.  God showed up big time.  I began biking again.  I returned to 24 hour fitness to declutter my belly fat.


It is October 23 and I’m at the beach right now as I write this.  I rode my bike for an hour and now am sitting for a bit.  Just lovely.

What is the big takeaway from this blog today?  Sometimes the junk in your house needs to be on the back burners.  Your spiritual, emotional and physical well being may need to declutter first.  You’ve read about me processing the removal of stuff from my home all year.  This October declutter has felt the best.  My dear friend who lives on the East Coast, said to me last week, “I hear joy in your voice again.”

Do you have joy in your voice?  If not, take the time to declutter the joy killers. The best deterrent to those joy killers is God’s word.  Reading then listening in silence has changed me.  God had a ton to say.  I just had to sit and listen.  If you need a starting point, try Psalm 23.  Embracing the care and love of our Shepherd toward us, always returns joy.  I encourage you to declutter your life inside and out.  It makes all the difference.

Dream Big!