Wrap Up


It has been almost a year since we began this journey of decluttering. This picture was from my first post of 2014. Getting rid of one item a day has been life changing for me. What began as a literal one item a day turned into groups of items over a week or two. What began as a process of decluttering my home turned into a decluttering of my mind and spirit. I learned how much hold stuff has on me. I am confident it holds me less now. I still struggle to release some items. Eventually, what needs to go, will. I like that about me now. I hope in this year, you have been able to let go of items, thought patterns’, or whatever is holding you back or slowing you down. I am grateful for your presence in my journey. I appreciated your comments over the year. Blogging has been a good challenge for me. I am still getting my blog skills refined. I think I’m a weekly or biweekly blogger. Daily isn’t my thing. I have a strong idea of what next year’s goal will be but I will share that January 1. I will continue to blog. I hope you will continue to follow me. It will be a new topic but hopefully with its own insights and lessons to be learned. I’m sure it will.

I just read an article about setting goals not resolutions. Resolutions don’t have staying power. The two are similar except resolutions have guilt built in. If you don’t do it, you feel bad. Goals are things to strive for and learn lessons along the way. The goal isn’t always met but you always learn. The difference is huge. I hope you set at least one goal for yourself this new year. Small or big, it doesn’t matter. Either hold the power to change you. You will grow if you strive for it. This year you saw me struggle, learn, accept, and whine. My home still has too much stuff. My goal was still met. One item a day I can confidently say was done. Most importantly, I found you – a group of loyal followers who understand and sometimes relate to my journey. Please join me in the new year. I’d love to keep our dialogue going.

Until the new theme for 2015 (that rhymes by the way), I pray for a safe last few days of the year. I pray that God, who loves you beyond measure, will become so personal to you this coming year. I trust that you will seek growth, faith, and integrity as you step into 2015. I love you.

Dream Big!

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