Week 6 – Stuffed Pasta


Long week but I found time for a new recipe. Saturday night I made this for my family. Most of us liked it but decided it needed more seasoning. The recipe only called for garlic, salt and pepper. Not enough flavor. Also, I felt the ground beef tasted not only bland but a bit heavy. I always make a recipe as written the first time. Next time, I will add some seasoning and will use ground turkey. As you can see, another recipe with a lot of cheese. At least it added some flavor. In a pinch, I would make this with store-bought pasta sauce.

This was a fun recipe to make. I have never attempted homemade pasta sauce. I didn’t even know that large shell pasta existed to buy and stuff yourself. I found it inspirational to make. It had been a busy week and I enjoyed my hour in the kitchen preparing. I missed cooking “real” food this week. Lots of simple meals and a few frozen. Baseball, soccer, scouting, and other things filled our week. Having time to cook and prepare food fresh cleared my mind. I actually thought of other ways to stuff the shells to make them yummy. Maybe I will experiment with this recipe a bit. I am finding my cooking time is more refreshing that it has been in the past. These new recipes are a challenge but also a motivation. It is another busy week ahead but I will attempt to find something to add to the menu from scratch.

My encouragement to you this week is to find out what meals you prepare that relax you or inspire you. Make those regulars on your meal rotation. The time in the kitchen can be an escape from a busy week. I think I was more stressed making grilled cheese one night than the night I made the pasta. The main difference: I was not rushed to make the pasta. The grilled cheese night was make something quick, easy, and it needs to be ready 5 minutes ago. Those are not fun moments in the kitchen. This week I have one weeknight without a crazy schedule. I look forward to my kitchen time that day. On busy days, we need to eat. We do. On more relaxed days, we need to eat but we also get to savor the food and each other. Hoping for more of those days in our homes.

Here is my picture of my finished product and the recipe.



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