Week 9: Apple Peach Cake


I cut corners this week. I knew it was yet another busy week so I went for an easy recipe – a dump cake. My sister gave me the Dump Cake cookbook and the Dump Dinner cookbook. The concept is: you dump all the ingredients in one pan and bake it. Other than opening cans, the only “difficult” part of this recipe was melting the butter. I dumped four cans of fruit in a prebuttered 9×13 pan. I sprinkled cinnamon and nutmug over that. (I would mix the two before sprinking next time though.) I dumped the cake mix. I poured the butter. I sprinkled more seasoning then I put it in the oven. One hour later, bubbly, yummy, gooey cake. Good but not rocket science. I once again forgot to take a picture.

Some weeks it is OK to choose the easy road. We need a break from tasks or routines. When we know it’s coming, we can plan ahead. When it sneaks up on it, we hunker down and deal with it. I will say though, I felt guilty making a dump cake. I felt as if I were cheating you out of a decent recipe. I cheated myself out of a joyful moment of cooking. I cheated my kids out of any nutrition. (I don’t feel too guilty about that because we all love a good dessert.) I cheated myself out of an opportunity to grow this week. I chose the easy road. Honestly, I had time to make at least a new appetizer or even a more complicated dessert. I didn’t want to. I chose not to try.

Adapting to the fast balls life throws at us, is part of life and part of growing. I regret not rising to the occasion. I chose the easy path. I should have chosen the path of growth. Would my week have been a bit crazier – yep. Would my life have been richer for chosing a bit of a challenge – you bet. Hindsight is 20/20 they say. Reality is, I knew exactly what I was doing before I reflected on the week. I felt guilty buying the cans of apple pie filling and peaches. I knew I was cheating myself out of an opportunity to grow. I chose the easy path anyway.

This week I encourage you to challenge yourself. If you see two paths, don’t chose the easy one every time. Try something new. I don’t plan to make stuffed chicken with special sauce next week but I do plan to do more than open a can and a box. God doesn’t want me to coast and take the easy paths. He does desire for me to grow and experience more. When I feel overwhelmed, He wants me to rest in Him and let Him carry the load with me. This week, I will share my load rather than avoid it. I hope you do the same.

Dream Big!


3 thoughts on “Week 9: Apple Peach Cake

  1. Debbie, you are being waaaaayyy too hard on yourself here. I think it’s amazing that you found time to make a dessert at all! No guilt should be attached to any part of cooking! I suspect everyone enjoyed it and you got smiles, hugs and kisses. It sounds delicious and I suspect it was. Hey! I entertained two birthday girls and family Saturday night and shamelessly presented a Betty Crocker fudge cake and canned icing! Everyone had a great time, ate most of it, took some home and there was laughter and a good time. God loves it when we enjoy each other. Big hug from me!

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