Week 10 – Cream of Broccoli Soup


The week flew by while the ingredients for cream of broccoli soup sat in my refrigerator. I knew I would make it but wasn’t sure when. Saturday, the hottest day of the week, we had soup for dinner. I made homemade bread in my bread maker. Remember the bread maker? Do you still have yours? I got it as a wedding present. I used it a lot years ago. Now I just use it for holidays. It still makes yummy bread. After sitting outside in the sun for 2 hours at a baseball game, I made soup.

I altered the recipe a bit. I prefer to make it as is the first time but I couldn’t this time. I don’t enjoy vegetable broth so I used chicken broth for more flavor. Also, the garnish on the soup (the white and yellow circles on the main picture) I skipped. I didn’t want to make ground almonds and saffron was $20. Garnish was ignored. The other deviation from the main recipe is that I didn’t pour it into a blender or food processor. I have a hand blender that is for mixing soups in the pot. I used that to puree it. This is my bowl of soup.


The soup wasn’t hard to make and I found it very tasty. My husband and I enjoyed it. The kids endured it. It is a strong broccoli flavor. You definitely need to add salt and pepper. I think the chicken broth added to the richness of the flavor. I recommend it. You will probably have to force it on your kids though. I allowed them to add cheese to it. The cheese helped them finish their tiny portion.

My thought for the week is about cooking what I like to eat. I often cook for my kids palate. This was a dish I figured they wouldn’t love but I would. I wasn’t offended when they added some other food to their dinner plate. I required them to finish the soup I gave them – it was their veggie for the meal. Adding cheese or a sauce to a dish they don’t find appetizing, works for me. They are trying something new and I am enjoying my food. I encourage you to find a recipe that sounds yummy to you. Don’t worry if the rest of your family will like it or not. It’s one dish, one night, they will survive. I love soup and broccoli. This was a win win for me. This won’t be a regular staple on our table but I will make it from time to time.

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