Pigs and Praise


I love pigs!  I have since I read Charlotte’s Web as a child.  I had a stuffed pig named Piggy, whom I adored.  As time went on, I collected more and more pigs.  Pig potholders, pig salt shakers, pig mugs, pig trivets, pig t-shirts, etc.  I have boxes of my pig collection lining our garage. It’s obvious I love pigs because it shows up in my daily life.

A few weeks ago, our interim pastor at church likened our lives to an iceberg.  The underneath part of the iceberg, which is 90%, is our soul, our beliefs, our core.  The visible part of the iceberg, which is 10%, is our actions and how we live out life.  The goal is that our 10% be in direct correlation to our 90%.  Who we are should be lived out in our actions.

Is it obvious to others what my 90% is?  That is my goal.  Just as my pig love is reflected in my every day life, my love for God is too.  When I am kind to a stranger or restrain my frustration at my children, I am demonstrating my core belief – that Jesus is my Savior and I want everyone to know and receive His love too.  My daily life, my actions, should be reflective of my core beliefs.  What do your actions say about who you really are underneath it all?  If you are someone who loves disco, you listen to 70s music.  If you are one who pursues health, you eat right and work out.  If you are one who loves Jesus, you display His love in your actions and seek forgiveness when you don’t.

Take some time today to reflect on what your 10% says to others about who you are.  I hope your visible iceberg is directly linked to your invisible part.  It’s a question we should ask ourselves every day.

Dream Big!

I’m Back!


Hello friends.  It has been too long.  I missed you.  Thank you to those of you who inquired as to where I had gone.  Here is the story.

My goal for the year was to try a new recipe each week.  I am still trying new recipes (not always weekly) but I realized I didn’t enjoy blogging about this.  I got minimal feedback as well so I don’t think you enjoyed reading about it as well.  One thing about goals is that they need to be re-evalated from time to time.  New recipes are still fun and they are still a goal but the writing about them is done.  It’s time for a new blog focus.  What is that focus?  Not totally sure.  I am just going to write and hope you will read.

I have added my Facebook friends to this link now.  Please subscribe to my blog directly though – http://www.debbiesuewong.wordpress.com.

I want to share my thoughts on life with you and hope that you will find this new topic encouraging, uplifting, refreshing, and hopeful.  Life is hard and life is joyful.  Let’s talk about that.

Dream Big!

Debbie Wong