3 Schools 3 Weeks


I am tired!  The back-to-school routine takes at least a month to get on top of in our home.  My kids attend 3 different schools.  Which means 3 drop offs, 3 pickups, 3 back-to-school nights, 3 PTAs, 3 everything……  It’s a bit crazy.  It’s really only been 11 days (12 for my high schooler) due to Labor Day and starting mid-week.  However, I am slowly coming out of the fog.

For moms who have children in school, be kind to yourself.  You have until June before the schedule changes again so take time easing into this new one.  Find a new route to drop off the kids.  Spend time cleaning our a drawer (it feels great when you toss stuff). Take a moment to sip a cup of tea (iced-tea if you live in the Southern California heat wave). Breathe in deeply. You will find a new normal.  It just takes time.

Remember that your kids need time to adjust too. The eye rolling may not fully stop after they settle into school but it will lessen. Waking up exhausted every day will cease once they too figure out how to manage their new schedules. It’s a season of grace. Grace extended to your kids and yourself.

Once we get back in the swing of things, how about we all set a new goal?  Your kids are learning new things, why not you?  Sort of a back-to-school resolution.  I’m still making new recipes weekly, which was my New Year’s resolution.  Now that I see new pockets of space in my life, I would love to add something to improve myself. Exercise is something I need to add (don’t we all?). I take yoga.  Love it!  I miss biking so will return to it once the temperature drops below 80 degrees at 7 a.m. Maybe you want to take a class – cake decorating, cooking Thai food, Bible study, underwater basket weaving.  Whatever brings you joy. Let’s make a goal to learn or add something to bring more delight into our new normal.  You are already in the midst of change, so you are allowed to throw something of your own in the mix.

Please reply with a comment on what you plan to add to your already crazy routine. You are worth it.  Besides, life is always going to busy, crazy, and changing.  Put something of yourself in the mix.

Dream Big!

3 thoughts on “3 Schools 3 Weeks

  1. What a great piece, Debbie! Dawn’s ukulele lessons sound great. I need to write more and find that if I set myself a goal of a 500 word piece a couple of times a week, that works for me. I’m contributing to two newspapers, so need more stuff. That’s my goal, writing more! Three schools? My word, dear friend! Crissy is so happy now that Jessie and Emily are in the same school and she’s even substitute teaching there! Good goal, to learn something new!

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