American Idol: I’ll miss you


I watched American Idol from the beginning. I loved it. As a singer, I enjoyed watching the pursuit of a career in this field. I noticed too that every season, there were several Christians in the mix. I prayed for them regularly.

As the show ended last night, I realized this isn’t just a show but this is life for the people we are participating. This is a new reality for them. As previous winners and contestants sang on the stage, I saw how many desired to be in the music industry but how few make it. Even among the winners, only a handful “made it.” Several “losers” went further in their careers than those crowned American Idol. I am sure several of those on stage last night, won’t be on a stage like that again. Many will play local clubs, theaters, etc. However, they are still pursuing their passions and touching people with music.

I was thrilled when Colton Dixon sang “Through All of It” I was grateful for the testimony he gave on TV.

“I have won and I have lost
I got it right sometimes
But sometimes I did not
Life’s been a journey
I’ve seen joy, I’ve seen regret
Oh and You have been my God
Through all of it”

Carrie Underwood sang “Something In The Water” which is about baptism and being changed by God. Another powerful testimony.

God was praised by many artists last night. Even Trent thanked God, truly thanked Him, when he won. I must confess that I wanted LaPorcha to win. Both finalists thanked God several times in the season. I believe, and hope, they both have a relationship with Him. God has a plan and He is in charge of who wins American Idol. He is going to lead both Trent and LaPorcha on a journey where God is glorified.

I am sad the show is over. I’m glad the bad and goofy auditions are done though. I honestly didn’t start watching until Hollywood week. I wanted to see talent and growth and passion develop before my eyes. I had that in American Idol. It now frees up 2 hours a week to do other stuff though. Maybe I’ll pick up my guitar and try to learn that how to play it again.

For any fans out there, sad over the shows ending, take the extra 2 hours in your week and pursue your passion. Start biking, painting, writing, sewing, knitting, boxing, whatever – just start! The show encouraged that. God wants that for you too. Step into your giftedness. You don’t need national exposure to make a difference. Goodbye American Idol, hello to all of us who touch lives in our own ways every day.

Dream Big!