Bad Mom


Let me start with a disclaimer: I can’t remember the last time I saw an R rated movie (actually I think it was The Kings Speech which shouldn’t have been R). I don’t like raunchy movies.

I saw Bad Moms. I loved Bad Moms. I am not recommending any of you go see it. It is R rated for a reason – lot’s of bad language and quite a few verbal sexual references and one visual reference. I wish they could have removed most of that stuff for a PG rating because the message is pretty great.

Without giving spoilers, the main premise of the show is a bully PTA President and regular moms trying to over throw her and the concept of perfection. The main mom in the show worked part-time, has a cheating husband, enrolled her kids in a million activities, and was overwhelmed.

Here are my takeaway’s from Bad Moms the movie.

  1. You need friends. She made two new friends who weren’t perfect yet over time shared from the heart with one another.
  2. You can’t do it all. If you work outside the home (full or part-time), life is extra full. If you are a stay-at-home mom, life is extra full. Discover what are priorities for your family and invest time in those things.
  3. Your kids can’t do it all. Truly evaluate their extra-curricular activities for their sanity as well as yours.
  4. Teach your children how to do for themselves. In one scene, the kids are sitting at the counter waiting for homemade breakfast. It never comes and they are lost. Teach your children to prepare simple meals, make their own lunches, and clean around the home. These are skills they need in life. I love to cook my kids breakfast but if I skip a day, they all know how to make eggs on their own now.
  5.  Cut each other some slack. Stop judging other moms, especially the ones who seem so put together. They are sometimes the ones who need friends most of all. We are in this together. Lean on one another. Laugh about the crazy teen years or terrible twos. Don’t judge the mom who has the screaming kid or the daughter wearing short shorts – get to know her.
  6. This isn’t from the movie but my life: Get together with good friends as often as you can. – I saw this movie with 2 of my dearest friends who are also moms. We laugh together. We cry together. We vent to one another. We point one another to God. After the movie, we got dinner and talked long after the valet closed.

Again, I don’t recommend this movie due to its rating. I am happy to say that even though (A Focus on the Family movie review website), didn’t endorse the movie – they saw the value in the lesson of it.  Check out their views here at

I just want to encourage moms who are facing the end of summer and the beginning of new schedules to take time to read my takeaway’s above. Create the schedule you all can live with. In the movie, saying you’re a Bad Mom took away the pressure of perfection. You aren’t a Bad Mom – you are a Real Mom – doing the best you can, leaning on God for strength and wisdom and sharing honestly with friends. I hope us Real Moms enjoy the last few weeks of summer.

Dream Big!