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The theme verse for my ministry is Psalm 37:4 – “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.” For years I misunderstood this verse to mean if I spent time with God, I’d get what I wanted. Sort of a genie in a bottle concept. However, I now know it means to spend time with God, delight in Him, enjoy His company by reading the Bible, praying, listening, praising Him with song and much more. When I truly am connected to God, who loves me unconditionally, my heart changes. My desires are for the things He desires and wants to accomplish through me in this life. I love that. I am a vessel to serve Him. I desire to publish my novel. God may or may not open that door in my life. However, I know my desire to write has been used over and over to encourage others. The desire of my heart is being met just in a different form at this time.

On Good Friday this year, I was shocked when I read a bit further into the Psalm. I attended a station-driven Good Friday service. Each station taught about a different part of the day Christ was crucified. It touched my heart so deeply and I wept at various sections of the event. When I reached the confession station, my sin stared at me and I wept and asked for forgiveness. God granted it, as He always does. I moved next to communion. The verse at this station was Psalm 37:4-5. My heart lept as I read the familiar verse. Then, verse 5 caught me off guard.

In the New International Version of the Bible, verse 5 says “Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in Him, and He will do it.” Once again I wept. I always stopped at the place in the verses where I get my desires. I need to commit my plans, agenda, dreams, hopes, life, etc., daily to Him. I was doing the trust part but not the commit part. I then read verse 5 in the New Living Translation which starts with “Commit everything you do to the Lord.” I not only missed verse 5 all these years but I was missing the everything part. I committed my kids, my parenting, my marriage but not my day to day normal stuff. My conversation with the grocery clerk. My drive to/from my destinations of the day. My daily schedule. I gave Him my big stuff but not my daily stuff. The daily stuff is where I get tripped up. When I get cut off on the road, I am not very God-like in my response. When my plans fall apart, I don’t inquire how God wants to use that new free time in my day, I just press on with what I want to do. I didn’t just stop short to read a bit further, I stopped short at experiencing more. You see when I commit everything I do to God, He’s a part of all of my day. Not just when I need Him or have a problem. He shops with me. He orders In and Out with me. He watches Amazing Race with me. Before, He was just a part now He is a whole. He is in my whole life, my whole day, my whole emotional state. I am forever grateful I read a bit further on Good Friday.

He is risen! He is risen indeed!

Dream Big!

P.S. I plan to blog every Monday now. Please pass this along to friends and encourage them to follow me. I’d love to inspire and offer a smile to as many as will listen (read).

8 thoughts on “Read a bit further

  1. I don’t think you’ve been at First Church long enough to remember Pastor Lee, dear friend. You have just described the Cycle of Victorious Living, for which he was famous. This cycle: Commit-Trust-Delight-Rest is such a beautiful place to live. We hand it all over, trust God to deal with it, delight in His presence in our lives and let it all go. If you go to our bookstore, I expect you can find his book about this. Scott Daniels did a reprise of Pastor Lee’s Cycle, but I preferred the very simple original. So good to see you determined to write! Big hug and much love.

  2. Krys

    Wow! Thank you for sharing this. This is something I struggle with. Not that it’s difficult for me to say, “I give it to God.” But completely surrendering the big stuff and the little stuff. Being intentional – I will definitely be praying for this. ❤

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