Tech Free Sunday


I just started reading a new book, “Calm, Cool and Connected: 5 Digital Habits for a More Balanced Life” by Arlene Pellicane. The first chapter asked the question “do you find it difficult to sit through church without touching your phone?” I said, “YES!!!” My first thought was, of course I touch my phone I use my Bible app. Then I remembered something, I own a physical Bible. Actually, I own several. A big fat study Bible. A pocket Bible. My trimline Bible in a case with a carrying handle. And many more. I decided to bring my trimline Bible on Sunday morning. What a concept!

As the sermon began, I pulled out my phone. I did use it to download the pastor’s notes. (They actually use a QR code to get the sermon notes/fill-ins.) After writing in the fill-ins, I put my phone back into my purse and zipped it shut. Did I pay more attention? Yes. Did I feel a need to look at my phone? Yes. Did I give into the temptation? Nope. It liked following along in my Bible rather than the scripture on the screen overhead or on my phone. Also, I made some notes in my Bible too. I haven’t done that in ….. no clue how long. I liked the feel of the Bible in my hand as I walked in and out of the church. I used the pocket on the Bible cover to hold my sermon notes and pen. I found I was more connected to the entire morning by this small change.

Is there anything wrong with using the Bible app on your phone? Not at all. For me, I don’t stay on that app though. I wander to my emails, text messages and Facebook. As the hymn says, “prone to wander, Lord I feel it.” I felt it. The sermon is only 30-45 minutes. I used to be able to focus that long. I want to regain that attention span in my life. Will my thoughts wander like my fingers to a new app? Probably. Can I refocus them and retrain my brain? Yes. You see, I like our pastor and his teaching. I want to listen. I want to learn. I want to write in my Bible. So I’m going to be old school for a while and keep my phone zipped in my purse.

If you find yourself answering the question “do you find it difficult to sit through church without touching your phone?” with a resounding YES as I did, try for a tech free Sunday. See if you can regain your 45 minute attention span. I think it will inspire you. It did me.

Dream Big!



What else is there to write about today? I have to acknowledge the eclipse. I couldn’t wait to put on the glasses I got from a kind woman at church who works at JPL. I even had my son make a box viewer too, just in case. Unfortunately, the kids were at school and I was home alone. I even put the dog in the house since my daughter told me if they look at it they will go blind. I’m not sure that Cooper would look at it since we didn’t get totality but just in case.

I must say, the eclipse was cool. Watching it alone, not so cool. I talked to my dad on the phone before it started to make sure he had eye protection and reminded him how to make a box viewer. I posted on Facebook to see who else may be watching out there. A few replied. I enjoyed all of the posts of fabulous pictures people took. The photos of people in goofy eclipse glasses were a hoot. However, it didn’t satisfy my need to share this cool thing with someone else.

No matter how much we share on Facebook, face-to-face isn’t replaceable. It just isn’t. As humans we were made for relationship. God created us with a deep desire to connect. His hope is that we would have a relationship with Him first and foremost, but also with His people. There is no substitute. I prefer life shared. Facebook doesn’t count. (Even though I loved the comments from friends when I posted I was a nerd today.)

What events do you have coming up that you want to share with a friend? A birthday. A significant anniversary. You don’t need a big event like an eclipse to gather or connect. How about sharing a coupon for “buy one get one free” at Chipotle?¬†Why not ask a friend to accompany you to a doctor’s appointment you are worried about. Plan to meet at Costco while you tackle your restocking for the school year. Don’t wait until 2024, the next total eclipse in the U.S.A., to plan a gathering. Connect face-to-face today.

Dream Big!


P.S. I missed you. I hope to be back weekly on Mondays.