The Christmas Story


My daughter performed in the Christmas program at church. The orchestral music soothed my soul. The choir sang of truth and hope and gave God praise. The play, interspersed between poignant songs, told the true meaning of Christmas. The finale touched my heart and lifted my eyes to God as the entire congregation joined the performers in singing Joy To The World. I felt God’s presence in that moment.

Christmas time is when the world sings our songs – the songs of believers. It is a time when Christians have it fairly easy to speak of what they believe. God sent His son, Jesus, to earth to live as a human. After 33 years, and only a few years of actual ministry, Jesus was killed, buried and rose again to return to heaven to prepare a place for us. His death paid for our sin – our disobedience to God. If we believe in Jesus, the precious baby whose birth we celebrate on December 25, we have eternal life.

I speak at churches and retreats for a living. I am very comfortable being an evangelist. I talk like this all year-long. I know that I am not the norm. Most followers of Jesus aren’t as outspoken. Their faith is shown through their compassion, service and love. However, this is a time of year when you can share more freely. Share with others why you care, serve and love those in your sphere of influence. Take a step out of your comfort zone this Christmas and speak of your faith.

My son went door to door with his youth group to invite neighbors to a Christmas Eve service. All the junior high and high school kids did it. Most were wayyyyyyy outside their comfort zone. He told me that their group took turns speaking at each house. My mom-heart was warmed by his bravery. My spiritual-heart was excited that the next generation is being taught how to be bold, verbally, with their faith.

I encourage you to be bold verbally this Christmas. Pray before you open the buffet at gatherings in your home. Read someone your favorite verse in the telling of the birth of Christ. Ask your friends if they have a memory of attending church during the holidays.  You may be surprised at what spoke to them as a child. When the new year begins, revisit these conversation if you feel brave. If not, return to your love language for God – compassion, acts of service and love. He uses all these ways to draw people into relationship with Him.

Dream Big! Pray Big!


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