Grace and Frankie


Not sure if any of you who follow my blog watch this show. Personally, I love it. I am a product of the TV generation. I grew up watching TV a lot. I still watch quite a few shows. However, I don’t just watch, I allow their stories to resonate with me and I seek applications in my own life. Watching a show to escape has its place. Watching a show to learn is why I watch Grace and Frankie.

Before I continue, this blog contains spoilers so don’t read on if you haven’t finished the current season. Also, if you haven’t watched this show, I will inform you that there is foul language in the show and a married gay couple. That said, read on.

I just finished the current season which ends with (SPOILER) Grace (Jane Fonda) and Frankie (Lily Tomlin) sitting on blue Adirondack chairs in front of their recently sold beach house. The scene sucked me in. They had gone through the wringer is this last episode. They escaped from their retirement home and returned to their real home on the beach only to find a SOLD sign. The moment they sat in the chairs they held hands and sighed. When I am in the midst of tough times, I just want to sit on the beach. How much more wonderful to sit on the beach with a best friend. They have one another.

Life is hard. It doesn’t get easier. It just keeps coming. Some months, or years, it just keeps throwing punches. If you have a friend to walk through it with, it’s manageable. Of course, our ultimate friend who gets us through all things is God. He is my rock. My fortress. My comforter. My healer. My friend. My all.

My friends on earth are “God in the flesh” to me. They are the ones who hold my hand as I sink into my chair on the beach and sigh. The ones who repeat truth to me over and over again (you are going to get through this, you aren’t alone, I’m here and so is God). Do you have these people in your life? Do you have at least one? We all need at least one.

In this show, they have other friends, and even grown kids, who are in their life. Yet their bond to one another, trumps them all. They had similar experiences which is why they were thrown together in the first place. You don’t always need that to bond. Shared experiences help though. One of my lifetime friends says we are friends with history. We can start in the middle and because we know the past, we can keep up.

I just wanted to encourage you today to take stock of your friendships. See if you have a Grace or a Frankie in your life. Someone who will hold your hand and sigh on the beach when life knocks you down. If not, find that friend today. Start by being vulnerable with someone already in your life. If the water is safe, keep treading in deeper and deeper. It’s worth the risk.

Dream Big! Pray Big!


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