The Beach


I love the beach. It’s my chill place. My happy place. My contemplative place. My rejuvenating place. My restorative place. My everything. I am a whole different person at the beach.

I went biking at Newport Beach a few years ago with a friend. We loaded our bikes in her van and ventured from our LA address to the OC. She has known me for years but this we have never enjoyed the beach together. The look on her face as I got into beach mode cracked me up. She just kept saying “you are so different at the beach.” It was a compliment. I was funnier. I was more relaxed. I was more me.

I just returned from a weekend in San Clemente. Our condo was down the street from the sand and waves. Incredible time of rest and fun and prayer. I missed Friday night’s sunset but made sure I saw the next two nights. The picture above is from Sunday night’s sunset. Gorgeous. More than that – significant. It was a time of telling God, “whatever Your will, I will follow.” His plans are still unfolding in my life. As I wait, I know whatever His steps, I will follow. I like being in this place – so near to God. I am feeling impatient even as I type this. Then I go back to His perfect timing. It’s always about His timing. Whenever I force things to move forward, I miss out on His best for me. He redirects and gets me back on the path. I am grateful. This time, I am waiting on Him, longer than usual. I am not allowing my impatience to rush God. (Like I could really rush Him.)

My moments at the beach reminded me of the “chill” we can find in life. The quiet of hearing only waves crashing. The healing power of sand under my toes. The calm of watching birds fly overhead. The delight of seeing a dolphin. I am chill at the beach. It’s easy to find “chill” there. My goal is to find it more in other places as well. I can’t get to the beach everyday but I can seek “chill” everyday. Time in God’s word. A cup of tea while I pray. Listening to a sermon online. Sitting outside and seeing the beauty in creation. Taking a nap. Talking to a dear friend at the heart level. I hope you find your “chill” today even if you aren’t at the beach.

Dream Big! Pray Big!


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