My dad taught me to play Blackjack at a young age. I loved numbers and it helped me with counting. He also taught me the table of rules you are to follow when you play the game. If the dealer is showing an 8 and you have 12, assume he has 18 so you have to hit. I love playing games, especially card games. Blackjack is so fast paced and you can win big and lose big quickly. I’m not promoting gambling (although I used to play when I went to Vegas in my 20s). This is a fun game to play at home with M&Ms or Skittles for your chips.

As I grew up though, I stopped playing by the table of Blackjack rules my dad taught me. I decided to play by the heart, by instinct. My dad thinks I’m crazy. Sometimes I do it just to watch him freak out. I love it when it pays off. When it doesn’t, he proudly proclaims the table of rules wins again.

So how do you live life – by the rules or by the heart? I heard a sermon the other day where the pastor said, “you need to follow what God tells you not what man tells you.” (Caveat – if you are pursuing things in your life that are in direct contradiction to God’s word, that is not OK. We are to follow God’s rules and laws as He has laid out in the Bible.) There are times when you feel God calling you to something new. Something that to the outside world seems a bit of a risk or crazy. If it isn’t against God’s word and you aren’t harming anyone, move forward. People will nay-say you and tell you to stick to the rules. But if God is leading, go for it.

People say all the time “follow your heart.” I am saying “follow God’s heart for you.” He has great plans. When we play it safe and don’t listen to His prompting, we are missing out of His best for us. We need to step out in His will, His way.  Do you have a heart prompting from God in your life that you have been ignoring? Start listening. Seek wise counsel but rely on God’s will ultimately. Pray. Sit in it. Listen some more. Then act! Let God open a new door in your life.

Dream Big! Pray Big!


4 thoughts on “Blackjack

  1. Thank you, Debbie, for clarifying “People say all the time “follow your heart.” I am saying “follow God’s heart for you.”
    That is so important to distinguish. The heart easily gets murky and cloudy and muddy! You graciously promoted my “Pure-Hearted” book in which I hope I help readers to see what’s motivating them. So keep speaking truth. And as for me, I tend to be a more “rules” because of my perfectionism formed early in life. But God has been empowering me to trust Him enough to take risks and follow His Heart for me.

    • Debbie Wong

      It’s true. Our heart will mislead us all the time. God’s heart for us is pure and trustworthy. Our motives to glorify God shine when we take risks He guides us to. We need Him to do it and we rely on Him. I tend to rules too but have learned each passing year to follow His heart more.

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