Break is over


Spring break is over. My kids are back in school. I am sad. I love having them home and hanging out together. We did a beach day. Although it was cold and we bundled up most of the day, we had a blast. Another day, after two rounds of bowling and my back not going out (yippee), we enjoyed our favorite lunch spot – Urth Caffe. Now, the kids are back in class and I’m doing spring break laundry. Normalcy.

Whenever we come off of a vacation, or even just a day off, the next day is an adjustment. It’s so easy to adjust to relaxing but not as easy to adjust to a new structure. For instance, adding a new chore to one of my kid’s routine is catastrophic. They act like they don’t have time to fit it in and the chore requires new skills they don’t have time for. Of course, laziness is part of this argument. However, the bigger part is that adding a new item to your routine takes work. A lot of work sometimes.

After daily reading two different Lenten studies for forty days, I am enjoying the break from so much in my morning. You would think if I did it for forty days, it should be routine (they say 21 days of doing something makes it a habit.) When Easter came and went, so did my structure. Why didn’t the forty days of reading stick? I think because I allowed a week of uber relaxation, even in my daily Bible reading. I need to start the 21 days over again to make it a habit.

Of course I am not saying that relaxation is bad. It’s wonderful. It’s needed. Most of us need more of it. However, relaxing from important things, like daily Bible reading, may set you back 21 days. I encourage you, even on vacation or a day off, you take time to connect with God. Breaking the habit of daily connection shouldn’t be part of your relaxation. You can restructure it or make it a shorter time, but keep it scheduled. Vacation is from our list of daily chores. Our daily time with God, shouldn’t be on that list. If it is, it’s time to rethink how you spend time with Him. Vary it. Add music. Play an instrument and worship. Focus on a Bible verse while you color in a coloring book. Find a new devotional that interests you. Don’t let time with God become a chore that you need a vacation from. 21 days from now, you will thank me.

Dream Big! Pray Big!


2 thoughts on “Break is over

  1. Had to smile at this one, Debbie, as the thought struck me that God doesn’t ever take a day off from me, for which I am extremely grateful. I know what you mean, for some reason, getting back on the devotional track is hard to do. But you will, dear friend and it won’t take you 21 days either.

    Love and a hug!

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