More God


I wept on Friday. The service for my friend, Alice Pendleton was last Friday. The love of her family (all the way to great grandkids) filled the chapel. God’s word came from all of their lips. Alice’s influence, because of her deep, abiding love of Christ, touched generations. As most of us do at funerals, we ponder our own existence and influence on this earth. Am I as patient as I should be? Do my kids know God’s love abides in me and they too want a part of that? What do I need to add or remove from my life to make it more meaningful, inspirational, valuable? My answer was surprisingly simple: I need more of God.

I wake up, do my back stretches, make breakfast, feed the kids, and start on whatever chores are before me. Sometimes I find time to read God’s word or listen to a sermon before I get out of bed. Usually I check in with Him at some point in the day. I’m not getting enough God. I love Him. My life does revolve around His ways. I’m just not spending enough time with Him for Him to rub off on me more.

It’s summer. My kids are home. Woohoo. I love it. I am sure in a few weeks I’ll be using their slang and be up to speed on what’s hot in their music and video game lives. They will rub off on me. I want that from God too. For Him to rub off on me more.

I read a devotional on creating habits. The main point is, successful people create a habit and stick with it for the long haul. I need to stretch my back daily. If I don’t, my lower back will spasm and hurt. If I do my stretches, I am good. My doctor told me that most people do their stretches faithfully until they feel better, then they stop. They think they are cured. She said my stretches are for life. I can do that. If it keeps the pain away, it’s worth it.

So it is with God. I am devoted to Him and His word when I’m in crisis or a struggle. When the crisis passes, I give up that habit and don’t engage with Him regularly. I need to remember that my time with God is a lifetime commitment. Not only that, but I like it. I like God. I like learning. I like growing. I like worship. Why am I not making it a daily thing? A million reasons why but nothing more important than God. I seek to make this summer a time to solidify this lifestyle change. I want more God daily. I challenge you to use the “lazy days of summer” to add in a new way to connect with God. It can be reading His word (the Bible), worshiping, journaling, whatever works for you. I just know that life can only be better with more God.

Dream Big! Pray Big!

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