The Big 5 0


Yep, I’m 50. I honestly feel that turning 40 was tougher for me. I was not quite where I wanted to be in life. I had some lingering unanswered questions. It was a depressing birthday. However, I am excited for 50. I see a bright future and am hopeful. I love what one of my birthday card’s said:

Fifty is the freedom to be yourself

Fifty is intuition and imagination

Fifty is dreaming, daring and discovering

Fifty is fantastic and so are you.

Yes. Freedom to be myself. I do care a lot less what others think. Not fully free from that, but much further down the road. I feel as if I am hitting a new stride. My imagination, dreams and adventurous spirit are in over drive. My goal is to discover which dreams to plan and which ones to keep dreaming. What a fantastic place to be.

I had an open house birthday party. I wanted to see if I could get 50 friends to stop by my home on my 50th. I had 60 guests.  Woohoo! I must tell you, it was one of the best days of my life. Definitely my best party. I had friends attend that I’ve known since kindergarten all the way up to a friend I met not even a year ago. I had guests from 7 years old up to their 70s. Friends happened to be in town from Virginia, Northern California and Colorado. I had PTA moms, childhood friends, church friends, long-lost friends, new friends and neighbors attend. I felt valued, loved and honored. My village is big. My community is strong. My heart is full.

Because I am a bit more daring these days too, I had a 2nd party. This was a dance night at an 80s club in Orange County. They played only 80s music. It felt so good to let loose on a dance floor with girlfriends. A few of us channeled our 1980s self (I had a side ponytail) and others just came as is. On the dance floor, we were all teenagers. Laughing, dancing, watching 80s videos and being free.

Fifty is freedom for me. Many reasons bring me freedom at this point in my life. The main reason: Jesus. I am free because I am fully loved by God and I believe it. I can rest assured that He has great plans for me (some wondrous and some painful). I know that the next chapter is glorious because I am fully loved by God and I am putting all my hope in that. Whatever age you turn in 2018, grasp freedom. It’s available at any age.

Dream Big! Pray Big!

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