The Hole Truth


I fell in a hole yesterday. Yep. You read that right. I was mowing the lawn and suddenly I was on the ground. My right leg slipped in and kept on going down. I honestly thought it was a sink hole. I just kept going down. Somehow I fell forward and my leg scraped the edge of the hole when I went down. The feeling of hard ground comforted me because I truly felt I was going to be entirely swallowed up by my backyard. Amazingly I didn’t break or sprain anything. I must have screamed loudly because my son came running out to check on me. The picture looks bad but it’s mostly dirt. I am just a bit tender today. Grateful. (You can see in the before and after picture above.)

What did I learn from the hole?

I posted this picture on Facebook. I got a ton of responses.  Mostly “oh my.” It was rather sweet how many people were concerned. I even got two phone calls to make sure I really was OK. My kids were laughing at the incident (once they knew I was OK). I thought maybe my Facebook friends would find it humorous too. A few did but most expressed concerned. I learned that my Facebook friends are caring individuals. I am sure the humor hit them at some point once they too knew I wasn’t hurt badly. I will be more careful what I post to not alarm those who are tender-hearted. I appreciate you.

I learned that life can change in an instant. The lawnmower could have injured me too. The hole could have been deeper, or more narrow, which would have led to extreme injuries. I didn’t plan to get hurt. I was mowing the lawn. No one plans for an accident. Hence the name – accident – “an unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury.” Thanks google. I need to value every day because I don’t know what that day holds.

I learned that my dog loves me. When I fell, all he wanted to do was lick me. He was by my side the rest of the day. Sweet and a bit irritating too. Cooper is a loyal, loving pooch.

I learned that I need to not put off things I need to do. I had planned to teach my son to mow the lawn and make it his chore. Unfortunately, due to a rain forecast (rare in California) I wanted the lawn shorter before it got soaked. I didn’t take the time to train my son. Had I done so, I hope the hole incident wouldn’t have happened at all. I guess it could have happened to him – hmmm – maybe it’s better I procrastinated on that one.

I just wanted to share my wild adventure from yesterday and encourage you to value each moment.

Dream Big! Pray Big!





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