Measurable Prayers


I have been enjoying a powerful sermon series on Anxiety from Christian Assembly in Eagle Rock. Yesterday’s sermon discussed a topic I have heard before but his example made the concept sink in deeper. He talked about praying more specifically. Usually we pray generically. When we pray specifically, the outcomes are measurable. God working is measurable.

Generic prayers:

  1. “Lord help me on my test.”
  2. “God I need your confidence to have this conversation with my friend.”
  3. “Open the door for me to get this job.”

Instead, if we get specific we can pray like this.

  1. “Lord help me to recall what I have studied when I take this test. Give me a sense of calm as I begin writing. Allow me to walk away from this test feeling confident.”
  2. “God give me words of gentleness when I speak to my friend. Prepare her heart to receive what I say and to not respond in anger. Allow us both to feel good about the conversation. Let us grow closer as a result of this time together.”
  3. “If this is the job you have for me, allow me to get it. Let me be heard and seen for my abilities by this potential employer. If this isn’t where You want me to work, give me a sense of peace. Let me leave the interview seeing it’s not a good fit for me. Guide my next steps.”

In each of those prayers, you can clearly see answered prayer. In the top, vague prayers, you may be able to assign answers to God. I got an A on my test, thanks God. But in the specific prayer, regardless of your grade, you can say, “I felt a peace while taking the test and I felt confident afterwards. Thanks God.” Huge difference.

Measurable prayers help us grow in faith. We don’t have to look hard to see what God is doing. We see it in the answers. Also, giving God glory comes much easier. “After I talked to my friend, we were so much closer. God did that. We should have been in an argument for a lot longer. God restored my friendship.”

Even when we aren’t happy with the outcome of a situation, we can still praise God. “I didn’t get the job but I know why. I saw this company wasn’t the place for me. God showed me that so clearly in the interview. Where I am going next is unclear. What is clear, God is in this with me step by step.”

Can you see how much easier it is to give God credit (a.k.a. glory) when we pray measurable prayers? Try it today. Be measurable. Be specific. Afterwards, be grateful and grow in your faith because you clearly saw God at work.

Dream Big! Pray Big!

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