God Friended Me


I’m a TV gal. I grew up watching TV and I still love fall when the new seasons and shows start. I decided to try a few of the new ones. Already deleted a few from my TIVO. However, God Friended Me, surprised me. I really like it. I have no idea where they are going with this but so far, it’s not offensive in any way to my faith and who God is.

The premise of the show is that Miles, an atheist podcaster, gets a friend request from God. He continues to ignore it. When gets suggested friends from God, he pursues those friendships. Lives are changed and hope is returned. This past week (spoiler alert), he had his wallet stolen. Miles get a suggested friend from God for a man who is a private detective. Long story short, the man’s wife, who passed away, was the social worker for the boy who stole the wallet and the man ends up fostering the boy. Sappy? Maybe. Sentimental? Yes. Heartwarming? Definitely. Am I hooked? Yep.

You see, I think God does work this way. We make connections every day. We don’t need a Facebook friend request, we just meet people in circumstances. Those connections sometimes play out to make further connections that help people. For instance, I ran into a mom I hadn’t seen in a while at PTA. She informed me she was home-schooling her high school aged son. My daughter’s piano teacher just started doing the same thing. I immediately texted them both in a group chat and connected them. I know them both well enough to know they can support one another and they would really like each other.

As believers, we are given the opportunity to bring hope to the people we encounter. People who know Jesus, and people who don’t, all have one thing in common, we need reminders of hope. Coincidences or chance meetings – I call those divine appointments. The connections we have in life are purposeful. See what divine appointments you have in your day today. You may offer hope to a hurting friend or initiate a new friendship between strangers.

By the way, God has issued a friend request to each person on this earth. We don’t need Facebook to connect to Him. It’s as simple as just saying “good morning God” and your day is started out fabulously.

Dream Big! Pray Big!

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