Do what is helpful


I had the pleasure of see Beth Moore live in Long Beach two weekends ago. She is an amazing Bible teacher. She not only passes on wisdom but encouragement to fulfill who God designed for you to be. This weekend was no exception.

Her theme was Compel. My biggest takeaway was to always be helpful when you teach or come alongside someone. Rather than just give knowledge, provide instruction that is helpful, useful, practical. She shared a story of how she would listen to sermons teach how we are to be. Gentle in spirit. Kind to others. Forgiving. She said inside she was screaming “HOW?”  How do we do those things? It’s one thing to know what we need to be and goals for our growth but how we get there? That is the helpful part. Share your journey. Provide insight into steps to obtain these goals. Offer suggestions on verses to meditate on. Whatever will help your listener know how.

Being helpful when you come alongside someone who is hurting is important too. Spouting well-meaning verses to encourage just isn’t want someone would find helpful during their season of grief. A clean bathroom or kitchen may be the better solution. A meal. Sitting together and crying, or talking, or doing nothing may be helpful. Practical is often the best path to encouragement. A hug is best accompanied by a helpful gesture.

What can you do this week to be helpful? How can you encourage someone not just with words but with a practical gesture? Take some time to ponder this, then go do it.

Dream Big! Pray Big!


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