I got to do yoga today. Fabulous. I used to go weekly and practice yoga at the LA Arboretum. After my teacher moved away, the new teachers just didn’t hold the same appeal. Now I pop in every so often at Foothill Gym in Monrovia. I love Betsy’s yoga classes. Perfect pace for me. The thing that stood out to me today was Betsy giving us permission to do or be however we needed to be. If both arms above your head hurt, put your arms behind your back or on your waist or just lift one arm. If you get tired in Down Dog, go into Child’s pose. At one point she said, even if you know you can’t do any of the poses, come to class anyway. Just lay on your mat and soak in the community of women here.

When is the last time you truly felt welcome as is? No matter your mood or ability, be here. I actually had tears in my eyes when Betsy said that. I felt welcomed and loved and accepted just as I was. It has been months since I last practiced yoga and reverted to child’s pose a few times today. It was OK. We all need places to just be whatever and however.

My goal is to be that for others. Do they feel they can let their hair down with me? Do my friends come towards me or away from me when they are in crisis? When life is messy, I want to be welcoming. Who are your safe people? What are your safe places? Are you a safe place for others?

I have many safe friends in my life. I am truly blessed. I know I can be that for others too. I am grateful. I hope I can extend the same graciousness to strangers or acquaintances. So many people lack that safe place. Like Cheers’ theme song “Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name. And their always glad you came.” Be that for others today. If you need it, find your place where you are welcomed as is. It feels wonderful.

Dream Big! Pray Big!


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