Mother’s Day


Happy Mother’s Day to my mom friends. Happy celebrating your mom to my non-mom friends. Today is a day that can be complicated for many. Most of us have a good relationship with our mothers. Not perfect but good enough. For some, not so much.

I had a season with my mom where I was learning to love her as is. Just as I hope my kids will do for me someday. When I looked at cards, they triggered all my wounds. Maybe you too have had this experience at Hallmark. “You were always there for me.” Maybe she wasn’t. “You  sacrificed so much so I could accomplish my dreams and you always believed in me.” What if that isn’t true? To this day, I usually grab a purple card (mom and my favorite color) with little words. The sentiments written are so grandiose, they don’t apply to many moms. I love my mom. I appreciate the way she loved me. I understand her more and her upbringing. I am grateful for time I get to spend with her. She’s my mom. I love her.

For those of you who want to be a mom and aren’t yet (or may never be), I am sorry for the pain this day brings you. The reminder that your dream may or may not happen is what Mother’s Day means to you. You haven’t “succeeded” yet in life because you haven’t had kids or adopted a kid. The pressure to be OK with it is monumental on Mother’s Day. To those friends, I encourage you to self care today. Do what you need to be in a place of peace and contentment. God loves you as is and isn’t surprised by your situation in life. He has compassion and understanding. Lean on Him today.

To those of you who love Mother’s Day and can’t wait to spoil your mom, go for it. Embrace her, celebrate her, shower her with love. If you are the one being spoiled, soak it in. You deserve it. You see, none of us are the perfect mom, father, daughter, son, sister, brother, etc. We are doing the best we can. Today is a day of celebrating those that did the best they could to raise us while they were battling their own health issues, marriage issues, financial issues, etc. Wow. They did it. We are here. We did it. Our kids know we love them.

In our complicated, emotional world, celebrate Mom.

Dream Big! Pray Big!


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