Roll down the windows


People still say “roll down the window” but we don’t actually roll down windows in modern cars. We push a button and they slide down. No rolling needed. However, I am currently driving a car that doesn’t have automatic anything. I unlock the doors with a key. I have to reach back from the front and unlock the back seat doors. The passenger door only opens from the inside even if it’s unlocked so I have to get in and push open the door for any passengers. Also, the windows are manual. I am actually rolling down my windows with a handle. Yep! I am doing that. Hysterical when I went to In n Out the other day and I made the guy come to the driver’s side because I couldn’t reach the handle to roll down the window on the passenger door. Oh my. However, it works and so does the A/C. My van lost it’s A/C and it’s never going to be restored. (Trust me – it costs more than the value of the car.) I am not embarrassed to the drive the car just inconvenienced from time to time.

I’m am actually a bit nostalgic when I drive this fun Toyota Corolla. I feel like I’m back in high school driving our family car. We called it the REO Speedwagon because the letters REO were in the license plate number. I drive faster in this car than my van which is freaking out my kids a bit. I think I regress when I get behind the wheel. I feel energized and young again.

“Roll down the window” is an outdated phrase for most of us but it has stuck even after all of the modern automation and upgrades.

“Jesus loves you” may seem like an outdated phrase in our society however, it’s still true and hopefully is sticking after all the automation and upgrades in your life.

Remember in Sunday School when you sang “Jesus loves me?” When you return to that truth, you become nostalgic and feel good. Trusting that truth to ring true today is empowering. God is good and His love never changes. If you haven’t returned to your hope in Him, please consider it. It’s like driving your old car from high school. Good feelings return and you feel revived and young again.

Dream Big! Pray Big!


The crest


My car crept up a hill that seemed to me to be at a 90 degree angle. I kept expecting my car to flip up from the front and I’d roll backwards upside down in my car. I made it to the top. All I could see was sky. You see, the hill downward was also at a 90 degree slope (I know it wasn’t but it felt like it). I hit my brakes and sat on the crest. I had no idea what was ahead of me. I knew what was behind me – a huge hill. I was staring at the sky and wondering if I should venture over the crest and see what was next. So I barely hit the gas and went over the crest to see the big hill downward. I realized I had to go down which I did with my brakes on most of the way. It was freaky. I am sure some of you are thinking – cool, I wanna do that on my skateboard. Good for you. For me, yikes. It was like a hill in San Francisco, if you have ever driven there you know what I mean.

As I sat at the crest and saw nothing but sky, I knew I couldn’t stay there. I had to move on. Go back down the big hill I just came up or see what lies ahead. In life, I often chose to go back down the big hill. It’s just too scary to walk forward down the unknown ahead. These days, I am often at a crest and deciding what to do but choose to press on. I only see sky but hit the gas gingerly to move ahead a tiny bit. Eventually, the next step comes into focus. Sometimes it’s another big hill (like this was) or it’s a gentle slope downward. Choosing what’s beyond the crest allows me to move onward and to new adventures and maybe even something beautiful, like a lake view. One street away, I merged onto a street that went by a beautiful lake. It calmed me and restored my faith in Waze that took me to that crazy hill.

I don’t know where you are in life: climbing up the big hill to the crest, sitting at the crest trying to decide to go forward to the unknown or turn around, or venturing down the other side of the crest. Wherever you are, I get it. There is fear and courage at each step. It’s tough. It just is. Life is hard and crests and hills are part of it.
I encourage you to examine where you are today:

  • going down a crest you conquered
  • sitting at the top waiting for courage or something else to prompt you to go
  • heading up to the unknown
  • coasting by the beautiful lake

Be kind to yourself. All parts of the journey take focus and energy. Lean on God to direct you on the path. Pray for wisdom even if you feel like coasting is fun – you will stop at some point. That day on the crest, I must confess I had tears in my eyes and I prayed out loud, God protect me. It was a scary drive. When life gets scary, just like that crazy hill, I cling to Him and cry out for help. As I said before, just a street away was the road that drove alongside a beautiful lake. Hope you are driving by the lake. Breath deep and soak in the break. If you are on the tough part of the journey, remember God’s promise in Isaiah.

Do not fear, for I have redeemed you;

I have summoned you by name; you are mine.

When you pass through the waters,

I will be with you;

and when you pass through the rivers,

they will not sweep over you.

When you walk through the fire,

you will not be burned;

the flames will not set you ablaze.

Isaiah 43:1b-2 NIV

Dream Big! Pray Big!