Roll down the windows


People still say “roll down the window” but we don’t actually roll down windows in modern cars. We push a button and they slide down. No rolling needed. However, I am currently driving a car that doesn’t have automatic anything. I unlock the doors with a key. I have to reach back from the front and unlock the back seat doors. The passenger door only opens from the inside even if it’s unlocked so I have to get in and push open the door for any passengers. Also, the windows are manual. I am actually rolling down my windows with a handle. Yep! I am doing that. Hysterical when I went to In n Out the other day and I made the guy come to the driver’s side because I couldn’t reach the handle to roll down the window on the passenger door. Oh my. However, it works and so does the A/C. My van lost it’s A/C and it’s never going to be restored. (Trust me – it costs more than the value of the car.) I am not embarrassed to the drive the car just inconvenienced from time to time.

I’m am actually a bit nostalgic when I drive this fun Toyota Corolla. I feel like I’m back in high school driving our family car. We called it the REO Speedwagon because the letters REO were in the license plate number. I drive faster in this car than my van which is freaking out my kids a bit. I think I regress when I get behind the wheel. I feel energized and young again.

“Roll down the window” is an outdated phrase for most of us but it has stuck even after all of the modern automation and upgrades.

“Jesus loves you” may seem like an outdated phrase in our society however, it’s still true and hopefully is sticking after all the automation and upgrades in your life.

Remember in Sunday School when you sang “Jesus loves me?” When you return to that truth, you become nostalgic and feel good. Trusting that truth to ring true today is empowering. God is good and His love never changes. If you haven’t returned to your hope in Him, please consider it. It’s like driving your old car from high school. Good feelings return and you feel revived and young again.

Dream Big! Pray Big!


2 thoughts on “Roll down the windows

  1. Deanne Davis

    Liked your roll down the windows blog…we’ve forgotten how to do any of those things! At least I have. I am a true child of the automatic age. I agree with you that Jesus loves you, and me, will never be outdated.

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