Bring Fruit to Thanksgiving


Were you expecting me to say pie or stuffing or an appetizer? Well, this year bring fruit.

This Sunday, Pastor Tate, shared about bringing fruit to Thanksgiving. Not actual fruit but the fruit of the spirit. He shared the verse about these fruits.

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,  gentleness and self-control.  – Galatians 5:22-23 NIV

Many of you may have memorized these fruits when you went to Sunday School. The challenge we were given was to show up at Thanksgiving, oozing the spirit of God.

Fruit is tangible. Spiritual fruit is visible. For others to see God working in you and living in you, they should see fruit. Are you loving to people you used to despise? Are you kind and showing it by your actions? Are you always fretting or do others see a new peace in you?

The holidays often bring with it family tension, old patterns and triggers. When those happen, ooze God. Let Him show up in those moments, not you as your 12 year old self. Let God show His love through you showing love to someone you don’t feel loving towards.

How can you do this? By abiding in Christ. When you spend quality time with God, (praying, reading His word, worshiping) you will naturally present His character. When you haven’t connected to your source of love, joy ,peace, and so on, you will reflect your natural self. Without God, I’m very selfish. Without God, I’m usually anxious. Without God, I’m not always nice. With God, I am able to represent Him.

Before any holiday gathering, abide with Him. Allow His character to infuse you. When you show up at any event (family, friends, co-workers), you will display God’s presence and character.

Bring fruit this Thanksgiving and Christmas and to the family birthday party and …. Spiritual fruit will not only change your view of spending time together with others, but will change them as well. When they ask about it, tell them boldly, this is all from God.

Dream Big! Pray Big!


Humility on the road


In today’s sermon, the pastor defined humility as putting others before yourself. He said it’s accommodating another person when you know they are not in a position to repay you. He gave many examples but when he started talking about humility when driving, I was convicted. He said humility is letting more than one car merge in front of you. I never do that. What really hit me was when he said getting angry when you are driving is showing self importance and not humility. I am on the road a lot with my job. I get angry a lot on the road. I never thought of it as “my time is more important than yours so drive better.” The source of my anger on the road, ME.

How can I be more humble in my drive? Accept it for what it is: traffic, bad drivers, distracted drivers, someone just like me trying to get home after a long day at work. I am hoping this new perspective will help me when I’m driving. I guarantee you this won’t be an overnight change. My exhaustion from working, my frustrations from the day and even my desire to be home will all work against me. I am going to be aware now of my road attitude and see if I can be more humble when driving.

Where do you need humility in your life? Is there a place in your life you can put someone else’s needs above your own, even if that person is a total stranger? Take time this week to see when you get irritated. It most likely is a place where humility can enter in. Look for opportunities to honor another even though they can’t, or won’t, ever repay you. Humility at work.

Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up in honor. ~ NLT James 4:10

Dream Big! Pray Big!


Extra hour


What did you do with your extra hour? Sunday we did our annual “Fall Back” on our clocks. Which means we get an extra hour in our day. Of course, we lose it in the spring so it balances out. Most people say how busy they are. If only I had another hour in my day or a few more hours in my week, I would…..  Today you did. What did you do with it?

Before you think I am judging you, I am not. My honest plan for my hour was to sleep until I wanted to, then get up, make French toast and watch Netflix. Yep. My extra hour that I needed so badly was going to be used to watch TV. God had other plans. I did sleep well but I wake up automatically. So at 6 am (which is 5 am before the time change), I said no and tried to sleep. When I realized I was up, I decided to watch an online sermon. My son’s soccer games have been on Sunday morning the past month. We have missed church for a month. I wanted to watch one of the sermons I missed. I am so glad I did. (If you want to see what I watched, go to

Did you sleep in? Have coffee with a friend or your spouse? Take the dog on a walk? Catch up on your TIVO? Make a special breakfast for your family? How did you spend your extra hour?

Without any judgement on yourself, look at how you spent it. There isn’t a wrong answer. The right answer is this – examine how you spent the hour and look at why you spent it that way. Do some self-analysis. Make a change to improve your life.

  • I slept in because I am exhausted all the time – how can I get more sleep on a regular basis? Make a plan.
  • I had coffee with my spouse – I am going to set a coffee date with my sweetheart every Saturday morning.
  • I walked the dog and it felt great. I am going to do this 3x a week (don’t make unrealistic goals like “everyday”, make a change you can keep)
  • Watching TIVO – I am going to reevaluate my shows and only record and watch the ones that really appeal to me. When I have time to watch, at least I know it’s a show that I enjoy.
  • Made a special breakfast for your family – I forgot how much I love to cook when I have time. I am going to make Saturday morning my cooking morning.

Taking time to be self aware is good. We can make changes for the better in our life if we stop and look at why we are doing or not doing something. I encourage you to take a moment and examine what you did with your extra hour. I used part of mine to write this. I am glad I did. Now it’s time for French Toast.

Dream Big! Pray Big!